What Does a Director of People Do?

Updated on December 22nd, 2021
What Does a Director of People Do?

The Director of People's maintains employee relations and cultivates a culture that promotes productivity, creativity, innovation, and growth within your organization. The person who holds this position must have excellent interpersonal skills as well as extensive experience with cross-functional teams.

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They should also understand how our society has changed over time due to technological advances such as artificial intelligence (AI), which can disrupt traditional work models like never before - including those at corporations where people are still needed!

Director of People Responsibilities

As the director of people, it is your responsibility to make sure all staff members are happy and productive. You will need to hire new employees, manage existing ones, and provide support where needed - including benefits planning, retirement plans, or insurance coverage for staff members' families.

As a key person in human resources, you will be in charge of many things such as interviewing candidates for open positions, screening them for qualifications, managing benefits like retirement plans or insurance coverage for staff members and their families.

You may also be utilized for providing training on company policy, coordinating the staffing schedule, and developing work schedules.

Your responsibilities don't end there. The job title entails taking care of people. Therefore, you will be the point person in charge of all dealings with external vendors such as talent recruitment agencies, employment specialists, or temporary help providers who provide staff members to supplement your workforce needs during peak periods like seasonal rushes.

People Operations vs. HR

The difference between HR and People Operations is that HR has traditionally been focused on internal matters while people operations have taken a more holistic view of the company's needs. Historically, most organizations assigned responsibilities for these areas separately, but in recent years many have merged their efforts into one department called "people".

People Ops vs. Talent Management

Talent management encompasses all human capital-related activities such as recruitment, talent development, succession planning, or any other initiative to improve performance.

The goal behind this approach is to create an environment where employees are engaged and differences among them are valued so they can attain higher levels of individual and collective productivity.

Director of People Operations vs. Human Resources Manager

An HR Manager's job is to monitor company policies, handle employee relations and maintain a healthy workplace. The Director of People focuses on attracting talent to fill positions that exist or will need filling in the future.

Your organization's Director of People Operations is assigned to the overall well-being and calmness in your workplace. It includes being able to take care of any urgent needs, as they are often one step ahead when it comes to knowing what will make a team dynamic run smoothly.

They also know how important good relationships between coworkers can be because people work better together than fighting each other all day long.

Why a Director of People is Important for Your Business?

If you're confused in understanding the importance of this position, ask people who have worked with a Director of People Operations, and they'll tell you.

For instance, the Boston Consulting Group takes a serious approach to find the best consultants. They spend thousands of dollars and an average of 100 hours recruiting each consultant before they're hired, in order for them to get their hands on the right people with all of these qualities.

Similarly, the law firm Alston & Bird LLP knows that their employees are not just workers. They offer a whole-person approach, encouraging them to be well-rounded and pursue outside interests like family life or new hobbies; they also value diversity by providing scholarships for childcare right on campus as well as 90 days of time off when an employee adopts children.

Therefore, a lot goes into people besides technology who then add to the success of business processes.

As a leader and director of people operations, it is your job to assess people - and guide them on a path that makes their life easy and mission achievable. You must be there to get their roles recognized. Once that happens, companies are on their way to show the world why they were created.

There's more to the position of a DOP than just being able to hire the right person for the job, as this job includes coaching new hires on workplace dynamics and how-tos, so they feel like an immediate part of your organization from day one.

Average Director of People Salary

The salary information as highlighted by sites like Salary.com, Payscale, and Glassdoor tells us their average base pay as director of people operations.

A director of people operations is a manager who works with HR to maintain the highest level of productivity and morale among current employees. Your DOP will work to make sure that all staffing needs are met by recruiting new talent, as well as hiring for any open position currently available within your company.

Indeed lists plenty of jobs for this particular job title, and they're wanted for decent salary packages. Nonetheless, the highest and lowest limit depends on the state you're in.

According to Glassdoor, the average base salary in California is $149,610 per year, while Ohio sits at $86,892 per annum.

According to salary.com, the average Director of People base salary is $111,693 as of May 27th, 2021. The range typically falls between the relatively modest sum of $101,971 and a far more lavish $119,879 - depending on which company you end up working for in your career!

If you are researching Payscale, they suggest the average base pay for a director of people to be $111,926 annually. Pretty neat if you ask me.


As a director of people, you are responsible for developing and implementing strategies to attract, develop, motivate and retain top talent.

You will be working with senior leadership on the company's human resources strategy. In addition to your HR duties, you'll also need to understand how employees' minds work in order to create successful employee engagement programs that build trust between management and staff members.

How interested are you in becoming a director of people for your next career move?