Diversity and Inclusion Mission Statement Examples

Updated on December 22nd, 2021
Diversity and Inclusion Mission Statement Examples

A diverse workforce can be more productive than a homogeneous workforce by bringing together different perspectives and ideas to improve the final product or service. It allows employees or freelance contractors to share their experiences, leading to companies reaching untapped markets and creating new business opportunities by creating alternative ways.

Organizational systems that possess diversity, equity, and inclusion can better adapt to changes in the environment and respond effectively by providing their unique contributions. They also help in building leadership capability among staff and organizational capacity.

A diversity and inclusion statement is a declaration that an organization makes to create awareness of the diversities of the employees within the organization. Leaders should have diversity and inclusion competencies to create a diversity statement tailored to their company's culture.

Diversity and Inclusion Mission Statement Examples

Here, we'll talk about the diversity and inclusion mission statements of various organizations to create a diverse and inclusive work environment.

1. Justice for the Earth

Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity: Our organization's statement is to cultivate a worldwide, inclusive culture where harnessed differences between key stakeholders benefit our patients and staff.

Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity and Persons who care about our environment, justice, and each other come together to create a collective effect via EarthjEarthjustice'son statement. That is at the very core of our identity and commitment as an organization.

We urge that, as we consider how we come into a communal setting with each other and how we think about diversity, equality, and inclusion, we recognize our experiences and differences, be present for one another, and focus on compassionate action at all times. Our mission statement is to showcase our humanity by engaging and expressing our concern for one another, which requires a dual understanding of all parties involved. We focus on developing an effective communication plan and giving an ear to different viewpoints to achieve the milestones.

2. Ford Motor Company Foundation

At the Ford Foundation, our fundamental values are diversity, equality, and inclusion. We have been providing opportunities to everyone regardless of their background, sexual orientation, and race for more than a century. We welcome diverse candidates to apply for our open positions even when they do not meet the posted qualifications exactly.

In all of our endeavors across the globe, we are steadfast in our adherence to these principles. We couldn't do what we do and won't be considered an inclusive organization without them. We realize that a changing, more diverse, and inclusive workforce needs creative solutions derived from several points of view.

3. Indeed

Indeed's mission of diversity, equity, and inclusion is to assist individuals in obtaining employment. To do this, we place proactive talent and employers who utilize Indeed at the core of our business. In 2019, we made a public declaration about the culture and values we want to promote. Our mission statement aims to put the needs of job seekers first, reward performance, be data-driven and inclusive & belong. Meaning our organization aims at creating an atmosphere where everyone can make their authentic selves work and make it simple for others to do likewise – are some of the principles of this organization.

A company's success is linked closely with its ability to assist all individuals find work; thus, we dedicated ourselves to fostering a culture of diversity, inclusion, and belonging. It has become one of the core values we want to promote and strengthen inside our company.

We are genuinely committed to cultivating a workplace where everyone's ideas and opinions are heard and valued and where everyone is free to bring their whole selves to work. We aspire to build a welcoming workplace that values racial equity, intersectionality, and accessibility as we work to make full diversity and inclusion mainstream.

4. The Johnson and Johnson Corporation

The mission of diversity, equity, and inclusion is to make D&I a part of everything we do. Our focus is to make D&I a way of life in our organization. Throughout Johnson & Johnson, we will continue to build a culture of belonging, where open hearts and minds unite to unlock the potential and differences of a bright mix of workers.

Our vision is "Be yourself, change the world." We appreciate and value the differences and similarities that we share and engage in a workplace where we feel empowered to bring their best ideas forward to make an impact. Our key stakeholders understand that a workforce that reflects the customers we serve will create a more substantial business and make us better able to meet their needs.

5. Noodles & Company

Our commitment at Noodles & Company is to provide constant nourishment and inspiration to our employees, customers, and the communities we serve. To do this, we live our core values of caring, showing pride, passion, love for life, and above all, diversity inclusion.

All the employees in our organization have ambitions and interests. Since everyone has a different take on the same dish, it makes sense that Wisconsin Mac and Cheese is a Wisconsin Penne Rosa to someone else. Whether you're looking for a few hours per week or a full-time position, we have a job for you.

When it comes to finding a job, our organization will help you explore your hobbies and discover the ideal match for you, whether you're working in a restaurant, on the road, or in our Colorado Central Support Office.

Our noodle recipes are diverse, ethnically diverse, and bursting with flavor. We feel the same way about the people that work with us. Our proactive talent may bring their whole self to work in a diverse, accepting atmosphere that celebrates their uniqueness as job seekers. A team that reflects the diversity, equity, and inclusion we serve is better for everyone involved.

Listening, learning, and acting are the cornerstones of our inclusive and diverse strategy, which makes the central part of our inclusion mission statement. A group member's reference library and continuing listening sessions throughout the organization are just some of its initiatives to improve its inclusiveness and diversity. It expanded employee benefits concentrating on mental health and implementing inclusion and diversity programs.

6. Oak Hill Advisors

One Team, One Firm" is how we function at OHA, and we believe in creating a diverse and inclusive workplace where we appreciate and grow individuals from all walks of life. To better serve our investors, workers, and the community at large, our mission and commitment are to work together with employees from a variety of backgrounds and viewpoints leads to more insightful decisions.

The following are the goals we are pursuing:

Developing and Maintaining a Diversified and Inclusive Workforce

Develop and maintain a diverse and inclusive workforce that is committed to the success of the company and each other. A diversified workforce can lead to more innovative products and services. By creating a workplace that is inclusive of everyone, employees will also feel empowered to bring their best ideas forward, knowing that their voices will be heard.

Increasing the influence and involvement of the community

It's important to embrace an inclusive organization by increasing organizational competence and leadership capacity to supervise an engaged workforce. To be successful, every one of your employees must pitch in. To maintain a motivated staff, managers and leaders alike must be well-versed on issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Respect for others must be shown by listening to others' views, thoughts, and concepts and fostering a workplace that values diversity.

"We are sincerely dedicated to recognizing and reflecting the varied experiences, thoughts, and ideas of our people," Tanger Outlet's Diversity and Inclusion Mission Statement states. Tanger dedicated itself to promoting equality, inclusivity, and racial diversity that, unlike other organizations, embraces a radical thinking style. This freedom allows us to achieve our mission and commitment, which fuels the organizations' ability to innovate and build meaningful relationships with the people we work with and serve.


Uber has also released a diversity, equity, and inclusion statement to build a diverse and inclusive environment. It has included women to make the workplace gender-balanced. It has added black and Latinx in its staff to improve employee diversity. Differences in thinking style, physical ability, gender, and background bring richness, new ideas, and experiences. Such differences connect employers with the health needs of workers and lead to more innovative products and services for the benefit of the company.

Proactive talent acquisition and leadership development are the key components for creating a diverse and inclusive organization. The members of the Executive Leadership Team are making diversity and inclusion efforts to gain visible diversity. It aims to fight racism and other types of discrimination. Uber is also committed to increasing the number of women in leadership positions by having a balanced workforce that will be inclusive of more women.

The Purpose of the Organization:

Uber's inclusion mission statement is to create a world of opportunity by bringing like-minded, proactive talent together. When it comes to igniting opportunities for our firm and ourselves, we find many similarities. D&I is more than just checking boxes, developing mission statements, or hitting targets, as we know, but we also recognize that a purely data-driven strategy will never be enough. Just like t mobile, Our commitment focuses on diversity, equity, and inclusion and seriously considers aspects such as sexual orientation.

Statistics are an integral part of diversity and inclusion, but they only serve as a starting point. Our bold objective is to create Uber the most diverse, egalitarian, and inclusive workplace on Earth because we know this is possible. Unlike other organizations, our high standards aren't merely a self-serving move. When it comes to lowering and eliminating unfairness, we know from practice that gradual reform isn't going to achieve the job.

How to Write a Diversity and Inclusion Statement?

The success of an organization is deeply rooted in its ability to offer equal access to opportunities and support. Organizational success hinges on the potential to develop a diverse workplace. Following are some diversity and inclusion practices an organization needs to follow for creating a statement to make their staff diverse and inclusive.

  • Set the tone by understanding the current reality in your organization.
  • Create a vision for where you want to go.
  • Define how you will reach your vision.
  • Create a set of metrics that will help you measure your success. It can include setting up committees.
  • Illuminate your progress along the way.
  • Make a meaningful commitment to the process. Everyone in the organization should be involved in this process. The commitment is of every individual is important to make an effective workplace.
  • You need dual and concurrent focus to have an effective statement.
  • Pick the tone of your statement carefully. It should be aspirational, encouraging others to join you in achieving your goal.
  • Recognize that for change to happen. People need to see the benefits and feel empowered by them.
  • Promote a culture of collaboration by encouraging others to share their ideas and experiences.
  • Take help from coaches that enable you to prevent unconscious bias behavior.