What Does a VP of HR Do?

Updated on June 10th, 2021
What Does a VP of HR Do?

Your human resources department is the backbone of your company. They help you find employees, who are integral to a healthy and successful workforce for any corporation. This team also provides long-term solutions to issues that arise in a workplace environment so everyone can be as happy and productive as possible.

However, if HR doesn't have an effective leader they may hinder their own success along with anyone else's down the line - which means it's crucial for companies to always remember that this support system matters just as much (if not more) than anything else when running a profitable business.

We are talking about the VP of HR who is also the Chief Human Resources Officer. They lead the HR department by establishing all things related to hiring, firing, and support within an organization. This includes but is not limited to benefits packages, compensation plans, and employee relations.

A VP of HR will be the liaison between management and employees in order to create a healthy work environment while maintaining profitability for the company.

VP of HR Job Description Template

The VP of Human Resources is a vital role in companies. Their job description often provides the first introduction to what it would be like for someone to work at a company, which can make or break whether they decide to go ahead with their application process.

Here are some important points that need consideration when building your HR Department's VP position:

  • A job summary is an important tool for evaluating potential candidates. It should be descriptive and reflect the goals of your company so that you can evaluate each candidate's capabilities against one another, not just their own skillset.
  • A VP of HR's primary responsibility is to recruit, retain and develop talent for the company. They do this by ensuring that new hires are a good fit for the organization in terms of skillset, personality traits, work ethic, etc. while encouraging existing employees to stay with the company through its policies on benefits packages and other perks.
  • The role also involves implementing strategies aimed at building morale among staff members such as providing recognition opportunities or team-building activities. The ultimate goal is to create an environment where both current and future employees are happy so they will perform well without having to worry about any outside factors like stressors at home or their commute time making them feel unproductive.
  • Lastly, a person who is about to be appointed as VP of HR has to get involved in strategic planning, equal employment opportunity, legal regulations, and diversity measures so be ready for that.

HR job description template makes it easier for you to decide what qualities you need to have in order to become a VP of the entire HR department. For employers and businesses, this serves as an outlining tool to find the ideal candidate.

Vice President of Human Resources Responsibilities

Human Resources is a highly important division for all companies. Human Resource Managers should be aware that there are many responsibilities to consider when drafting an HR job description, but the most critical tasks must be relevant to your company's needs and goals.

The following are seven responsibilities (HR functions) that make up what a VP of HR does on any given day:

1) Hiring

Interviewing potential candidates for open positions and screening them based on qualifications and experience requirements. Before that happens, their responsibilities include preparing a selection list of qualified and appropriate applicants for an open position.

The VP of HR leads the way by creating a detailed description of what they are looking to fill in order to find a suitable candidate. Overseeing participation in HR matters holds primary significance for them. After all, it is upon them to hire the top talent.

2) Salary Administration

Negotiating salary packages with prospective hires or current employees as well as determining their pay rate if they are already employed. HR leaders automatically work for the welfare of staff by handling salary adjustments.

This is one of the most important responsibilities that a VP of HR has to perform because it encompasses an individual's livelihood.

The VP should be aware of current market rates and positions before setting wage levels for employees, as well as constantly monitoring them so they are up-to-date with labor markets. For organizational effectiveness, keep the HR expenses steady.

3) Review Organizational Policies for Compliance

HR job description template holds their ability to comply with the federal and state laws at the top. Ordinarily, the VP of HR ensures company policies are compliant with the law. They are to follow employment law, equal opportunity law and make sure their company follows them too, including the disabilities act, medical leave act, and labor laws. Organizational development occurs when management teams follow labor relations to the letter.

A VP of HR is an executive-level position in HR operations. Their job is to take care of workforce planning, from recruitment and employee satisfaction to training and retention initiatives.

4) Exhibit Leadership for the Whole HR Department

The VP of HR is the top leader in their company's human resources department. Their job includes addressing employee issues and overseeing all facets of the HR process, from benefits to diversity steps.

The vice president looks after the entire business unit as well as any other departments that need assistance with staffing needs or recruiting skills.

HR job description template also includes a section on what they should tell an applicant during an interview about how their work impacts the company culture, including details pertaining to working hours, dress codes, and office policies.

5) Provide Strategic Direction

It is their duty to offer strategic direction to the company. This involves giving insight into how the organization can recruit and retain talent, as well as what type of specialized training initiatives are necessary.

The vice president should stay on top of current trends in human resources management and provide guidance when needed.

In addition to providing strategic input, they should have a strong understanding of organizational goals and work closely with other departments to support them in achieving their objectives.

6) Come Up with Conflict Resolution

As a leader, it is the VP of HR's job to provide guidance and support to employees. This includes coaching on how to handle difficult situations, such as managing conflict among workers or dealing with potentially toxic staff members.

In many companies, they act as an intermediary between management and their teams in order to help them understand company-wide policies like exit interviews (i.e., why they are important) without being told by the boss themselves. Additionally, vice presidents offer leadership when training new hires about what behaviors will either get them promoted quickly or fired immediately from the organization.

7)  Take Charge

While it may not always seem like a VP of HR is in charge, they are the ones who have to sign off on all hiring or firing decisions because these types of actions can have huge implications for departments and the company environment.

In some companies, the vice president will be responsible for conducting exit interviews with outgoing employees before they leave. Here an experienced vice president will know the real reasons that might help them design improved retention strategies in the future.

To Summarize

Your role as a vice president of HR includes: Leading your department by establishing policies that reflect corporate culture; overseeing employee relations while developing strategies around performance management including hiring processes for staff; ensuring employees' needs are met through programs like health care benefits or payroll administration; and, providing leadership skills for HR executives at all times. In addition, the emerging trait of a VP is to understand and predict the business metrics of competitors.

Final Words

In the end, if you have what it takes to be a VP of HR for a company, you can't go wrong. What does a Vice President of Human Resources do? Many people assume that being HR executives require little effort - and it's true: many tasks are routine and don't require much thought or creativity.

But everyone will also agree that there is no such thing as "just an HR job" because so much depends on how well you work with your employees.

You need to develop leadership skills along with strong communication abilities when dealing with sensitive issues like discrimination or sexual harassment cases; coordinate benefits programs while overseeing payroll administration; consider staffing needs for hiring purposes yet teach new hires about corporate culture without being told by bosses.

Usually, a bachelor's or master's degree in HRM makes you an ideal candidate for this position. Moreover, a degree in business administration also makes you eligible for this opportunity. The position reports directly to the CEO.