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HR Project Manager Job Description Examples

Are you looking for HR project manager job description examples to find out what a human resources project manager does? Then, you are reading the right post. 

HR project management is important for improving the odds of a successful project by assisting the teamwork in an efficient and effective way. It ensures that project teams have the skills, time, resources, and direction they need to meet the project objectives.

Human resources project managers oversee the implementation of HR-related projects within their company. These managers work with a team of HR professionals to plan, run, and deliver projects designed to improve the human resources function in a company. They manage the day-to-day operations of the HR department, including staffing decisions, employee evaluations, performance reviews, and so on and so forth.

Their job involves creating new policies and procedures related to recruitment, training, compensation, and benefits. In essence, this position combines an in-depth understanding of each aspect of HR at the management level with the ability to bring positive changes in as efficient a way as possible. In this post, we share with you human resources project manager job description examples for different markets. You can change them as per your recruiting purposes.

HR Project Manager Job Description Example 1 – Information Technology

The position involves leading Human Resources Department in a large-scale project to digitize its systems and processes. The human resources project manager will also participate in different other projects to modernize the technology landscape within HR and identify areas where systems/processes can improve. So, the human resources project manager should have a solid project management background, complemented by process improvement and business analysis skills.

Job Duties

  • Lead ongoing evaluations of the human resources landscape and communicate with stakeholders to define requirements to lead the design and implementation of solutions.
  • Analyze existing human resources processes, identify gaps in current systems, and lead resolution projects.
  • Assist in other large-scale projects to include analysis of new business requirements, assessment of different methods of approach, and implementation of solutions within the current business system architecture or new SaaS system.
  • Apply project management procedures and best practices to HR initiatives.
  • Recommend business system and process changes to improve and refine the capabilities of human resources systems.
  • Responsible for communicating HR system evaluation or implementation updates throughout the project lifecycle.


  • Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, Computer Science, or related field required; Master’s degree preferred.
  • A minimum of six years of project management experience.
  • Business systems analysis experience required, including requirements obtained through the implementation of large-scale IT systems.
  • Ability to respond under strict deadlines and prioritize deliverables while maintaining the quality of work products.
  • Ability to prioritize work and inform stakeholders on time.
  • Experience in integrating and doing communication and change management aspects of projects.
  • Ability to work unassisted and contribute to collaborative HR team efforts.
  • Possess strong analytical thinking and methodical problem-solving skills with great attention to detail.
  • Strong presentation, written, and documentation skills.

HR Project Manager Job Description Example 2 – Contracting

Our human resources project manager position will focus on leading change initiatives in different important areas to support our employee experience. The manager is also responsible for supporting our strategies and implementation of different initiatives nationwide by developing programs and policies that attract, create, and retain top talent in the workforce. Other responsibilities include coaching and guiding our team regarding employee relations and engagement, performance management, and HR policies.

Job Duties

  • Develop enhancements of the company’s diversity and strategy with accompanying objectives and action plans that align with priorities depending on employee feedback and strategic business goals.
  • Identify, develop, and promote training with an emphasis on company-wide awareness and the advantages of different and inclusive workforces.
  • Support and encourage clients and partner goals to include best environmental practices and create construction implementations.
  • Respond to human resources-related questions and complaints from teams across all departments and offer guidance on HR processes, programs, and policies.
  • Help the tracking of HR-related activities, analyze data trends and gaps, and offer ad hoc reports to support department initiatives, objectives, and strategies.
  • Build relationships with networks and partnerships for best practice awareness to include the company’s partners and clients.
  • Assist with defining the HR strategic direction and creating plans to achieve business objectives through employee feedback via surveys and interviews.
  • Advance the company’s legacy as an ideal place to work by continuing to create a positive workplace culture through investment in training programs, safety, and well-being of the employees.


  • A Master’s/Bachelor’s degree and at least five years of human resources or project management experience.
  • Experience in corporate responsibility and community programming.
  • Knowledge and understanding of HR concepts, procedures, and appropriate employment laws.
  • Solid public speaking and organizational skills with great attention to detail.
  • Great interpersonal skills and experience developing connections within the HR team and with business associates.
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks and adjust to changing preferences in a fast-paced environment.
  • Ability to work all alone and need the least direction in achieving objectives.
  • Show a professional approach while maintaining the confidentiality of sensitive data
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office.

HR Project Manager Job Description Example 3 – Banking

Our human resources project manager will manage the end-to-end delivery of a mid-size project reaching across different functional groups. They will have an influence on the quality and functionality of employee annual enrollment functions. The manager will analyze information, drive process/project documentation through the review cycles while incorporating stakeholder feedback, create project routines, and offer change support that is important for a successful implementation.

Job Duties

  • Plan, manage, monitor, and control HR projects with the right tools and methodologies to ensure efficient and effective project management.
  • Coordinate successful completion of project deliverables, identify risks and problems, build mitigation plans and solutions, and support the implementation of changes and solutions for corporate change initiatives impacting different functions and processes.
  • Examine the current state, create alternative future-state approaches, and facilitate implementation.
  • Drive change management deliverables and risk logs, status reports, design documentation, requirement documentation, test plans, and test scripts.
  • Develop and manage the project plan to keep the team informed regarding potential challenges with critical path deliverables.
  • Track and manage issues, risks, and key decisions.
  • Remain involved in the execution of project activities and help project/program routines as determined throughout the project lifecycle.
  • Help with the development and revision of project documents, status updates, communications, testing, and implementation efforts.
  • Communicate with managers and business partners on deliverables, timelines, and support required.
  • Coordinate and facilitate weekly group meetings and ad hoc project meetings; document and share agendas and minutes.


  • Over five years of project management support experience.
  • Extensive experience working on complex testing efforts, implementations with different deployments, and data conversions needed.
  • Solid verbal and written communication skills.
  • Great analytical skills with the ability to comprehend, document, assess, and improve complex business processes.
  • Excellent project management skills like the ability to prioritize tasks and meet deadlines
  • In-depth knowledge of the project delivery lifecycle.
  • Ability to manage projects or phases of a project in a fast-paced environment with attention to detail.
  • Ability to work with team members in the virtual environment and across multiple levels of the company, prioritize work, and meet deadlines.
  • The capability of facilitating meetings, capturing main actions, and owning process/project documentation.
  • Proficiency in MS Office products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio) required.

HR Project Manager Job Description Example 4 – Medical

Our position as the human resources project manager will provide leadership in project and program management. Their duty involves maintaining project and program deliverables and responsibilities for different programs and projects across human resources, including the health clinic. They design, refine, and implement innovative projects and programs and perform strategic and administrative functions.

Job Duties

  • Serve as a lead on key projects and initiatives.
  • Provide leadership in project and program management.
  • Create, design, and execute different projects and programs across the HR department and entire organization.
  • Develop and maintain project plans and schedules for all health programs.
  • Manage resources in an efficient and effective way.
  • Understand and review metrics to show the impact of the program and track progress making adjustments as needed.
  • Build and maintain connections with external and internal clients.
  • Identify and execute other projects that will bring value and efficiency to the teams.
  • Create and help refine presentations for an extensive range of human resources deliverables and functions.
  • Coordinate administrative aspects of programs and track and report activity to plan milestones.
  • Track expenditures to budget, process invoices, and expense claims.
  • Attend and take part in planning meetings with leaders from everywhere and give project updates.


  • At least six years of experience in an office environment.
  • An associate degree is essential, with experience in HR. Bachelor’s degree in HR or Business Administration preferred.
  • Great presentation, oral and written skills.
  • High level of personal initiative to achieve objectives. Self-starter who needs little to zero supervision.
  • Accurate in monitoring work to ensure quality.
  • Ability to manage many projects at one and the same time, adapt to changes, and handle demands.
  • Project planning expertise, including project management software.
  • Proficiency in MS Office, including Excel and PowerPoint.
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