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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Inclusion vs Diversity: What’s the Difference?

Inclusion and diversity are mandatory to exit in the workplace so that everyone can feel comfortable and accepted. When you have a diverse group of people, you get a more creative environment. Similarly, when you have inclusion in your workspace, this means you’re considering all employees equal regardless of their genders and race. With diversity and inclusion, you get a more robust team which will make your business thrive. If...
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion Mission Statement Examples

A diverse workforce can become more productive than a homogeneous workforce by bringing together different perspectives and ideas to improve the final product or service. It allows employees or freelance contractors to share their experiences, leading to companies reaching untapped markets and creating new business opportunities by creating alternative ways. Organizational systems that possess diversity, equity, and inclusion can better adapt to changes in the environment and respond by providing...
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

19 Diversity and Inclusion Discussion Topics

Diversity and inclusion are about creating workplaces where everyone feels valued, respected, and included. D&I is about ensuring that everyone benefits from the same opportunities and experiences. There is no doubt that D&I is essential. However, it has become a buzzword that has been used too often without understanding its meaning. This blog post will discuss 19 different topics related to D&I. These are not all-inclusive, but they cover some...

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HR Career Path

What Does an HR Technology Consultant Do?

An HR technology consultant helps companies implement new technology and tools relevant to the company’s human resources department, such as HRIS. The HR consultant also helps assess if the company needs any changes in the first place. Finally, an experienced professional can also help automate HR procedures such as hiring, payroll management, legal compliance, employee relations, etc. Even an experienced HR professional will go through a robust HRIS implementation only...
HR Career Path

HR Consultant Job Description Examples

HR consultants are HR professionals hired to help a company or an organization with high-level solutions. Since an HR consultant is an outside hire, small businesses that lack human resources expertise or companies looking for an objective overview of current human capital management practices hire consultants. Companies rely on a skilled HR consultant to provide advice and quality service. HR consultants may also advise companies on related government laws, human...
HR Career Path

What is the HR Business Partner Model?

Looking for the HR business partner model? You’re at the right place then. The human resources business partner model is when the HR department participates in planning in a strategic way to elevate the business growth and supports it in its present and future goals. Rather than limiting itself by concentrating on HR duties such as payroll, employee relations, and benefits, HR departments seek to add business success to the...

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Strategic Human Resources Management

What is Employee Feedback?

Employee feedback is collecting information from employees and providing feedback both to employees and leadership. The goal of employee feedback is to improve overall employee performance. Companies can collect employee feedback through surveys, group meetings, interviews, suggestion boxes, and daily internal communications. Besides improving employee engagement, employers use feedback to pinpoint problematic behavior and develop a healthy company culture. According to Zippia, companies that collect employee feedback experience 14.9% lower employee turnover...
Strategic Human Resources Management

What is Employee Experience?

Do you want to learn more about employee experience? If so, this post is for you. We’ll walk you through the definition, its importance, and the newest employee experience strategies in 2023. There are many factors that can lead you to success. Having low employee turnover rates and encouraging employee talent development in your company are two of them. That said, the employee experience is a vital factor you must...
Strategic Human Resources Management

40 Employee Appreciation Ideas to Inspire Your Thinking and Staff

Are you in need of some fresh and innovative employee appreciation ideas? Say no more. I’ve created a complete list of 40 ideas to help you show your employees appreciation and recognition. Did you know that a recent TinyPulse study asked some employees what their leaders could do to improve employee engagement? The result was surprising as 58% of interviewees responded “more recognition”. For this reason, showing your staff appreciation...

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Best Performance Management Software 2023: Reviews and Pricing

Looking for the best performance management software? Keep on reading to find a detailed review on the best performance management tools. A performance management system is a tool that helps companies better understand and manage their performance. It is used for many different purposes, including but not limited to measuring the effectiveness of employee training programs, ensuring compliance with government regulations, monitoring customer satisfaction levels, and more. In this article,...

Best Employee Onboarding Software 2023: Reviews and Pricing

Looking for the best employee onboarding software? Keep on reading then. As an HR professional, you are tasked with the responsibility of onboarding new employees. It can become a daunting task for even the most experienced human resource manager. However, there is one thing that can make the overall HR processes easier – employee onboarding software. With an onboarding software system in place at your company, your HR department and...

What is BambooHR? Reviews and Pricing

Your employees are your greatest asset. How are you managing yours? Are you using an HR software suite like BambooHR? Gone are the days when your entire staff worked within your brick and mortar walls. When you maintained a cardboard file in a metal cabinet on each of them. A file stuffed with documents like their resume and employment history, emergency contact information, disciplinary actions, performance appraisals, and so forth....