8 Best HR Analytics Software for 2024

Looking for the best HR analytics software? Keep on reading to find detailed review on some of the best HR analytics tools.

Understanding the impact of HR practices on the wider business can mean the difference between steady growth and consistent retention issues. When it comes to identifying people / HR metrics and making sense of employee data for better business decision-making, nothing beats an HR analytics software system.

As a tool for singling out tracking employee productivity, HR systems have proven invaluable for both individual HR professionals and large-scale human resources frameworks.

In this article, we’ll go over the current top 8 HR analytics software, as well as how to choose the ideal HR software for your company.

Let’s get started.

8 Best HR Analytics Software for 2024

As we shift towards a digital-first workforce management climate, more and more HR departments have started using HR analysis systems. However, not all HR analytics tools are made equal and some have proven more effective than others in helping business leaders make more informed decisions and develop a better employee experience.

Before we dive into the details, we’ve come up with top 3 best HR analytics software for your concerns that are listed below:

  1. Oracle Analytics for HR
  2. ADP Workforce Now
  3. Visier

Now, let’s dive into the details on the best HR data analytics tools for 2024.

1. ADP Workforce Now

ADP DataCloud is a cloud-based workforce analytics and reporting system that allows HR teams to utilize employee performance management and data for decision-making.

Designed to help companies navigate a variety of HR processes and leverage workforce data for better business outcomes, it serves as an all-in-one HR services platform

DataCloud is primed for Big Data analysis in an HR setting. It allows managers to draw large amounts of HR company data from around the country and see how their department compares to those in other companies.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect with ADP DataCloud:

  • Huge data draw capability, with data from over 90,000 companies and 30 million workers.
  • The software makes it easy to manage massive volumes of employee data from a cloud-based storage system.
  • Detailed reporting and analytics feature with important data patterns and trends.
  • Benchmarking in real-time, using real-world data sets for more accurate comparisons.
  • Important and actionable insights for key stakeholders such as HR managers and executives.

The best thing about ADP DataCloud is the accompanying set of features that you can adopt with the ADP Workforce Now suite, making it the ideal tool for recruiters and executives alike.

All in all, ADP DataCloud is the premier HR analytics software for companies of any size who are looking to automate their HR analysis fabric.


  • ADP has customized pricing according to enterprise needs. Contact the company for a quote.

For more information and to subscribe, visit ADP DataCloud.

2. Visier

Visier is another full-suite HR platform that focuses on simplifying people analytics for greater business success.

Designed with the people-centric HR department in mind, the software is built by business intelligence experts and features a built-in analytics solution with hundreds of questions relevant to any current enterprise.

This software is also known as performance management software, and is specialized in data and human capital management. This allows HR managers to gather the most accurate and valuable data from a huge variety of sources, including employee forums, social media, and job boards.

Here’s what Visier promises in terms of HR analytics:

  • Ability to manage the most complex, varied, and event-based data from a large number of sources.
  • A role-based access model that allows different stakeholders to hold different levels of access to data for greater security.
  • Quicker implementation of BI project plans with fewer steps required for results.
  • Interactive data visualizations with easy-to-understand comparisons and secure analysis exploration.
  • A storytelling approach to delivering actionable insights that simplify the discovery of answers.

What makes Visier an ideal self-service platform for dedicated BI experts in the HR department is the detailed analytics interface and usability. The software requires far fewer steps to attain actionable insights than a solution that HR would have to build in-house.

Overall, Visier is a great choice for companies looking to leverage data to create a better employee experience.

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  • Visier has customized pricing according to enterprise needs. Contact the company for a quote.

For more information and to subscribe, visit Visier.

3. Oracle Analytics for HR

Oracle Analytics is an HR-focused analytics offering by Oracle as part of the company’s business analytics and intelligence software suite.

A part of a complete HR solution, Oracle Analytics features an autonomous data management system that’s based on a smart database for all accumulated employee behavior data.

Since Oracle as a company has a legacy in data management solutions, the Analytics offering has tremendous data storage and secure access capabilities, with efficient compartmentalization of data for higher usability.

The best thing about Oracle Analytics is the digestible nature of the data you can churn out with the software. There are plenty of visualizations and interactive data representation to make it easier to understand what’s working and what’s not.

Overall, Oracle Analytics is ideal for any HR department that prioritizes data management capabilities in their software solution.


  • Oracle Analytics Cloud – Enterprise: $80 per user, per month | $2.1506 per OCPU, per hour
  • Oracle Analytics Cloud – Professional: $16per user, per month | $1.0753 per OCPU, per hour

For more information and to subscribe, visit Oracle Analytics.

4. IntelliHR

IntelliHR is an analytics and people management platform that enables a strategic approach to people analytics, as opposed to an administrative one.

A platform containing a suite of analytics and management features, IntelliHR allows managers and senior HR staff to centralize the data and talent management-related aspects of the department in one place.

The system provides visual representations of insights, trends, and analytics in real-time so that executives can improve both business and individual team performance.

Benefits of using HR Analytics Solutions

With IntelliHR, companies can expect:

  • A people-focused approach that covers every aspect of analytics such as employee satisfaction, remuneration spend, diversity, and more.
  • Multi-dimensional charts and graphs with interactive modules and visuals.
  • The ability to manage safety and compliance, as well as gather employee feedback regarding the same elements.
  • Automated analysis of all enterprise people data according to pre-set and customizable filters.
  • Real-time people analytics and relevant insights accessible from anywhere and on any device.

What’s best about IntelliHR is the software’s focus on building better employee experiences and implementing more effective employee engagement measures. These include employee happiness and wellbeing questionnaires and surveys, and other listening tools.

Overall, IntelliHR is ideal for companies looking for an AI-powered tool for automated data gathering and analysis.


  • For Managers – Employee Engagement: $4.64 per user, per month
  • For HR Teams – Performance Enablement: $7.74 per user, per month
  • For Enterprise HR – Strategic HR: $12.38 per user, per month

For more information and to subscribe, visit IntelliHR.

5. People Analytics by TrenData

TrenData is a cloud-based human resources and people management platform that offers a data-oriented solution to common HR problem that companies face.

The People Analytics aspect of the larger software suite enables organizations of a bigger size and scope to generate predictive and advanced analytics by trending and unifying metrics from several human resources, finance, and project software apps.

Built as more of an enterprise solution, the system offers bigger companies a set of HR-specific features such as predictive modeling, trend analysis, turnover tracking, absence and leave reporting, compensation plan modeling, and more.

Here’s what TrenData People Analytics offers in terms of benefits:

  • A superior predictive analytics system that presents data in a simple and digestible manner, even for people unfamiliar with data management.
  • Streamlined dashboards that don’t have a steep learning curve and you can access it from anywhere (with the right permissions).
  • The ability to observe metrics and then narrow them down to discover anomalies.
  • Insights on how to plan and set the course for better business decisions.
  • Affordable solution considering the scope and functionality.

Overall, the software is best for companies that have 300+ employees and compete in industries that see high employee movement.


TrenData offers the People Analytics solution for $an annual 4,999 per user. The software does not have a free version and any added functionality requires a customized pricing according to enterprise needs.

For more information and to subscribe, visit TrenData.

6. Compport

Compport is an IT services company that also offers a unique analytics and reporting solution as part of its internal management suite of services.

The analytics software that the company offers is based on the typical analytics and reporting methods used by BI teams worldwide. Compport takes it one step further by offering thousands of pre-built analytics that have been accumulated over years of employee observation and trend analysis.

What’s best about Compport is the uniqueness of some of the analytics features, including predictive insights into adding more value to the general talent management fabric at the company.

Here are the advantages of choosing Compport for HR analytics:

  • Various analytics types such as compensation, productivity and cost, workforce effectiveness, and talent.
  • Dedicated analytics module for inclusion and diversity with pay gap indicators, diversity levels, positioning, and promotions.
  • A detailed talent risk analysis feature that shows potential for growth and decline due to several factors.
  • Affordable software with multiple pricing options for the small and medium sized enterprise.
  • Very well-functioning and stable software system with no known instances of bugs or crashes.

What sets Compport apart from the rest is how much functionality you can get for the price. This means good value for money in the long run, with tons of incentives for upgrading to a better package.

Overall, Compport is ideal for the SME and corporation alike and offers a robust analytics solution for hands-on HR teams.


  • Compport Fit: $0.3 per user, per month
  • Compport SIP: $0.2 per user, per month
  • Compport Analytics: $0.15 per user, per month
  • Compport Surveys: $0.15 per user, per month

For more information and to subscribe, visit Compport.

7. Humantelligence

Humantelligence is a high-tech, AI-powered recruiting and culture analytics platform that solves a variety of workforce challenges and provides accurate business intelligence on key performance management areas.

The platform leverages an advanced artificial intelligence system that uses behavioral science and trend knowledge to observe critical areas for improvement. These areas include employee turnover and engagement, culture alignment, and recruitment practices.

Here are some of the benefits of using Humantelligence:

  • Rare example of an HR analytics tool with insights into whether employees are a ‘culture-fit’ or not.
  • A very data-rich platform that analyzes information from the individual level to teams, and even full workforce.
  • Easy to use and manage for new recruits and senior officials when taking the assessment.
  • Easily accessible BI reports and data with few steps needed to reach the desired analysis report.
  • The ability to group together similar individuals and team members together for easier observation.

The tech-forward approach of the platform is what sets it apart in the HR analytics sphere. While most other software systems use traditional analytics approach on a software platform, Humantelligence offers a very human approach to analysis, as done by a smart AI.

Overall, Humantelligence is ideal for newer companies seeking a robust and technically advanced people analytics solution they can depend on.


Humantelligence has customized pricing according to enterprise needs. Contact the company for a quote.

For more information and to subscribe, visit Humantelligence.

8. Cornerstone HR

Cornerstone HR is a human resources management software that has extended analytics and reporting functionality.

One of the simpler solutions available, Cornerstone allows companies to manage employee data from all over the world, improve internal workforce reporting, and engage employees with smarter, data-backed decisions.

The Cornerstone HR solution is deigned to centralize all enterprise HR data in one place and the analytics feature is no different. Companies can integrate the feature into their existing setup and visualize budget, performance, headcounts and more, all in real-time to take immediate decisions if needed.

The typical Cornerstone benefits include:

  • Out of the box key performance indicators that show how the company is performing relative to internal and external peers, as well as the industry at large.
  • Seamless analytics integration into existing Cornerstone suite of HR services.
  • The ability to develop a talent strategy based on global trends and behavioral data.
  • A focus on proactive decisions that impact the organization, all backed by accurate and relevant data.
  • A ton of other related HR features that work very well with analytics.

What’s best about Cornerstone is their features that work in sync and are all value-driven. This helps companies unify all of their HR functionality under one software instead of having to adopt several for different purposes.

Overall, Cornerstone HR is ideal for any company that wishes to have a simple, cost-effective, and reliable HR analytics platform.


Cornerstone HR has customized pricing according to enterprise needs. Contact the company for a quote.

For more information and to subscribe, visit Cornerstone HR.

How to Choose the Best HR Analytics Software?

Modern HR software has transformed the human resource realm into a more

This is to the point where these systems have altered the HR Analyst job description. They no longer have to extract data themselves so they can concentrate on gathering insights from the data while the software does the collection for them.

That said, choosing the right software to base the entire people analysis system on is difficult with the number of good options out there.

Luckily, there are some steps you can take to ensure you have the ideal HR analysis software for your department.

  • Define Company Needs: The obvious first step is to measure which areas the company needs software assistance in. These can range from from tracking employee performance to garnering reviews and measuring satisfaction, among others. Additionally, make note of your total employee count.
  • Analyze Software Scalability: Software systems can help companies grow and your HR software should be able to handle an increased workload as you scale. Choose the analysis tools that can accommodate more users and employees and have added functionality for growing enterprises.
  • Consider Required Functionality: Consider all the functionality and key features that software offers and cross-reference them with your HR department’s needs to make a better choice. For example, if you need actionable business intelligence gathered from multiple data sources, opt for a system that offers powerful BI tools.
  • Evaluate Storage Requirements: Depending on the size of your company, make sure to have a picture of what your data storage needs look like before you opt for an analytics platform. For a higher employee headcount, get a system that can handle bigger data sets and have greater people analytics functionality.
  • Prefer Additional Features: Some platforms offer additional features such as performance management process optimization, workforce planning, predictive analytics, and machine learning for business intelligence. If you see value in such features for the pricing, opt for such a software system.
  • Check Overall Usability: The most important feature, especially for newly formed HR departments, ease of use is very important for HR analysis platforms. Make sure the software is user-friendly, has a shallow learning curve, and is accessible by all HR stakeholders.

In addition to these pointers, make sure to consider your budget in both the short and long term, before subscribing.


Installing software within your HR framework has some clear advantages for the modern enterprise that’s looking to upgrade its people-management procedures.

It answers a lot of questions that trouble HR teams, such as how to avoid the cost of disengaged employees, how to gather targeted data, and how to present that data in a simple yet effective manner.

While it may be an additional investment, sometimes a significant one depending on how many employees you have and your company scope, putting an HR analytics software in place can improve your employee well-being at the workplace and reward you with a much more efficient workforce.


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