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Top 6 Workplace Harassment Training Programs in 2024

Maintaining a safe and inclusive workplace is essential for any company. Harassment at work continues to be a major concern that affects employees’ productivity, well-being, and organizational culture. This is resulting in companies recognizing the importance of workplace harassment training that promotes proper behavior and incident prevention.

But for employers, it isn’t easy to decide what’s the best workplace harassment training program for the company since there are so many of them. By looking at methodologies and benefits, we will list the top six training solutions. The programs address the legal and compliance aspects and focus on creating a safe environment that promotes empathy and finally, boosts the productivity of the workforce.

Top 6 Harassment Training Programs

In the article, we will explore what makes the courses stand out, such as the addition of sexual harassment prevention training, online training options, and learning about bystander intervention. Let’s begin with our number one.

1. Diversity and Inclusion Certification Course by HR University

Price: $299

Duration: Study 4 hours/week to finish in 10 weeks

One of the more notable elements of the Diversity and Inclusion Certification Course by HR University is its curriculum. Besides covering all the essentials of DEI in the workplace, the course provides practical insights into day-to-day problems and solutions that you’ll face.

By encouraging active participation, you’ll learn everything you need about DEI while also touching upon other essential topics, such as preventing sexual harassment.

Furthermore, you’ll also learn about how to prevent harassment altogether. When new employees arrive, there’s the adjusting period where employees accept the new employee or the newcomer ends up being the target of harassment. By learning to recognize early signs and implementing active supervisors, you’ll master how to act proactively and protect the workers.

HR University updates its courses as necessary, providing lifetime support on any changes in the world of harassment training and DEI. As for HR professionals taking the course to specialize in DEI, there are networking opportunities inside the HR University community.

2. ProProfs Sexual Harassment Training

Price: Starts at $1.97/learner/month

Duration: 1h for employees, 2h for managers

Unlike the DEI course by HR University, which provides a comprehensive dive into DEI for HR professionals, ProProfs Sexual Harassment Training is a great option for organizations looking to conduct rapid training for employees and managers.

In just an hour, you can offer sexual harassment training to your employees through online training, even on a mobile device. The course also ensures you maintain compliance with federal and state regulations.

By educating employees about respectful behavior and boundaries, the training is a great way to engage in the prevention and early detection of sexual harassment incidents. Furthermore, the course also teaches employees how to address incidents and avoid improper retaliation.

There are also quizzes and real-life scenarios that ensure employees understand instead of leaving them with bland information that doesn’t contribute to a healthy work environment. Finally, there are both English and Spanish versions.

3. Harassment Prevention in the Workplace by IRL

Price: $1,595

Duration: 2 days

The Harassment Prevention in the Workplace by IRL is another excellent course for HR professionals who want to master preventing workplace harassment . The slight downside is the price and that you have to take the training in person on specific dates. But what it lacks in flexibility, it accommodates in quality.

Led by three professional educators, the 2-day training delivers a lot. You’ll learn to identify different harassment types, such as sexual harassment, bullying, or national origin, age, and religious discrimination. Furthermore, you’ll also go through strategies for responding to policy violations and employee complaints.

Whether you’re an entry-level or senior HR professional, it’s a great option to expand into harassment and discrimination prevention and learn the latest techniques for dealing with workplace issues.

4. Preventing Workplace Harassment 101 by Peacemakers Consulting Services

Price: $18

Duration: 30 minutes

The Preventing Workplace Harassment 101 by Peacemakers Consulting Services on Udemy will teach you the basics of identifying harassment.

While shorter than the HR University or IRL, it filters out the most important thing to know about workplace harassment prevention tactics. The program also does a great job of understanding obligations and speaking about any witnessed incident. Learning to report and address instances is the key takeaway, and you gain the necessary knowledge to navigate the process.

Furthermore, you’ll also learn how to foster a healthy workplace culture. Instead of just focusing on combating harassment, it also teaches you how to recognize contributing factors and emphasize positive impact.

The content is practical and up-to-date, without excessive fluff. Overall, it’s a great and quick insight into the essentials of harassment training.

5. Workplace Harassment Training by NAVEX

Price: On Request

Duration: Varies

Workplace Harassment Training by NAVEX is another excellent choice for managers and supervisors who want to master dealing with harassment issues in their work environments.

You’ll gain a solid understanding of harassment terminology, allowing you to deal with and communicate with concerning employees. It also provides an overview of sexual harassment, discussing its manifestations and legal implications.

Instead of leaving it all on terminology and theory, the harassment training program provides tactics for preventing and responding. Some tactics are setting expectations, fostering an inclusive culture, and promoting bystander intervention.

Finally, you’ll learn about gender identity and understanding a diverse workplace without unintentionally excluding employees.

Although there can be more, the program covers all the crucial aspects and serves as a great starter program or if you want to update on the latest trends such as new laws set by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

6. Managing Conflict & Polarization in the Workplace & Beyond by JesusCollege

Price: $49

Duration: 6 weeks, 4–6 hours per week

The final harassment training program in our list is Managing Conflict & Polarization in the Workplace & Beyond by JesusCollege.

You will explore the dynamics of polarization and how it impacts daily social interactions, including in the workplace. By taking a different approach, you’ll focus more on understanding why we tend to create ingroups and outgroups, thus learning how to foster diversity instead of conflict.

The harassment training program goes beyond the work environment, making it different. This means that it might not be suited for an employer looking to learn about formalities of preventing harassment in the workspace. But it’s a great program for HR professionals looking to better understand why discrimination and harassment happens.

The program even teaches you about the technological impact on polarization, highlighting its potential influence. Overall, if you want to develop better critical thinking for assessing complex social situations, it’s an excellent choice.


In the current age, workplace harassment training is necessary for any organization. Sexual harassment issues can happen, and organizations must be ready to deal with them. But what’s even more important, companies must understand the responsibility of acting proactively and preventing such issues from ever happening.

Although employers can’t prevent problems completely, but by minimizing the chances, you’re building a healthier and more productive work environment. Taking either general or sexual harassment training does take much, but it can save you a lot of legal headaches. Finally, it’s fantastic for individual HR professionals looking to expand their knowledge and skill set.


Here you’ll find the most common questions about harassment training programs.

What are the essential steps for preventing harassment in the workplace?

Preventing workplace harassment requires education and a proactive approach. Organizations must have clear communication channels and a comprehensive anti-harassment policy that outlines the rules for employees. Companies must also have harassment training programs both for workers and supervisors. Finally, there also needs to be a straightforward process for instances when an employee breaks the harassment policy and rules.

How do you respond to a harassment claim?

Handle the situation with fairness and commitment. Start by listening and providing a safe environment where the person feels comfortable to share their experience. Take their complaint seriously and ensure that the company will investigate the issue. After the investigation, you must take appropriate actions based on your findings.

How does HR handle sexual harassment?

The best way to handle sexual harassment in the workplace is by conducting sexual harassment training. Doing it by yourself without proper education can be dangerous, so it’s always better to reach out to a professional organization that can do the sexual harassment training for you.


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