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Top 8 Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Programs

Organizations must promote a safe and inclusive workplace environment for the sake of operational success and basic morality. Sexual harassment remains a significant problem, undermining employers’ and employees’ well-being and productivity. As such, organizations turn to sexual harassment prevention training programs to foster awareness and promote an inclusive culture.

Employers must ensure that workplaces are free from discrimination and harassment. By implementing sexual harassment prevention training programs, they provide employees with the knowledge and tools to identify, prevent, and respond to sexual harassment and improper behavior. These programs go beyond compliance with legal obligations and other requirements, aiming to create a workplace where employees feel safe.

As of now, innovative sexual harassment prevention training programs are emerging to tackle the multifaceted nature. By using a combination of training requirements such as legal frameworks, practical examples, and practical strategies, these programs empower employees to recognize and address sexual harassment.

This article will explore some of the leading sexual harassment prevention training programs. Let’s begin.

Top 8 Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Programs in 2024

Let’s go over the top eight sexual harassment prevention training programs. This list consists of individual programs for HR professionals seeking to improve knowledge and career opportunities. Secondly, the list also includes employee training programs that executives and managers can use to provide employees with proper training on sexual harassment and human rights. Programs work whether your company is in California, New York state, or any other.

1. Diversity and Inclusion Certification Course by HR.University

Cost: $299

Duration: Study 4 hours/week to finish in 10 weeks

We’ll start with an online training program for HR professionals who want to specialize in harassment prevention. The Diversity and Inclusion Certification Course by HR.University is an excellent option if you want to improve knowledge on theoretical and practical knowledge.

Organizations constantly need talent with the skills and who are up-to-date with the latest laws, such as the Workplace Transparency Act or any state’s Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy.

But there’s much more to why this program sits at the top. You’ll get all the training requirements, so you will know about human rights and how to tackle sexual harassment in the office professionally. The course has tons of quizzes, programs, examples, and exercises to keep you engaged while teaching you the necessities, such as team management, compliance, and how to retain records.

The DEI program goes beyond sexual harassment prevention training requirements and provides the tools to strive in human resources. If you feel stuck with your HR career, this course pushes you to strive.

2. ProProfs Sexual Harassment Prevention Training 

Cost: $4 per learner per month

Duration: 1-hour for employees, 2 hours for supervisors

Next, let’s review a prevention training program for team managers looking for employees training. ProProfs Sexual Harassment Prevention Training is fantastic for any organization looking to educate the staff about general sexual harassment prevention. You can also include the organization’s sexual harassment prevention policy if applicable.

ProProfs offers a comprehensive solution for employers seeking to meet federal and state sexual harassment training requirements and maintain compliance with the law. The 1-hour training course, designed by legal professionals, enables employers to deploy practical harassment compliance training in the workplace.

What makes the program unique is the ProProfs Training Maker software. You can customize the course to align with the company’s specific needs, including incorporating your branding. Furthermore, the ProProfs’ learning classroom simplifies assigning courses and tracking completion and compliance, saving time and effort for HR and employees. By utilizing ProProfs, employers can streamline the time-intensive task of sexual harassment training and ensure that employees access the training anytime and anywhere.

The ProProfs course equips employers with the tools for practical training and enables progress tracking. With an effective approach, employers can establish a robust sexual harassment prevention policy and meet the required training standards. You can provide employees with a model training program that promotes a respectful and inclusive workplace environment. You can provide human rights training to new employees, teach about the role of mobile device in sexual harassment, what the minimum standards for safe workplace are, and practical tactics such as bystander intervention.

The minor downside is that the model training program may lack the personalization and interactivity of a live or in-person training session.

Nevertheless, Proprofs is an excellent program for companies requiring annual or bi-annual basis sexual harassment prevention training.

3. Traliant Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Cost: Per request

Duration: 40 minutes to 2 hours

The Traliant Sexual Harassment Training Program offers a comprehensive and industry-specific approach to addressing workplace misconduct.

The course teaches employees about fighting sexual harassment, discrimination, and the laws surrounding workplace misconduct. Including bystander intervention training and other practical examples is a notable highlight, empowering individuals to address and prevent inappropriate behavior.

With a flexible duration of 40 minutes to 2 hours, you can incorporate the program into busy work schedules without causing significant disruptions. The online training format allows convenient access anytime, anywhere, making it accessible for employees in various roles and locations.

Overall, the Traliant sexual harassment training program provides the tools that meet the training requirements beyond the minimum standards for the restaurant industry, helping organizations create a safe and respectful workplace culture while complying with relevant laws and regulations on an annual basis.

4. Inspired eLearning Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Cost: Per request

Duration: 30 per single course

Inspired eLearning Sexual Harassment Prevention Training is our next employees model training solution.

What sets this program from other options are interactive videos with real-world scenarios about sexual harassment and discrimination. Like others, it teaches employees how to recognize, report, and rectify inappropriate behaviors through movie-like clips. Including case studies and the active bystander concept enhances learners’ understanding and equips them with practical intervention strategies.

The training covers essential topics such as protected characteristics, harassment types, hostile work environments, retaliation, and reporting incidents.

However, it’s worth noting that the downsides of the training program may include the potential for information overload, particularly for individuals who are new to the subject matter or have limited prior knowledge of harassment prevention.

Nevertheless, the video library is a valuable “pick-and-go” resource for an employer that must provide harassment prevention training to employees.

5. EasyLlama Sexual Harassment Prevention Training 

Cost: $12.95 per employee, discount after 50 employees

Duration: 30 minutes to 2 hours

EasyLlama Sexual Harassment Prevention Training is another interactive program for teaching employees about human rights, sexual harassment prevention tactics, and other requirements.

EasyLlama provides state-specific solutions across the US. So whether it’s for Illinois employers or you’re a manager with New York employees, you can find a course with information about respective state laws and regulations.

Furthermore, EasyLlama offers industry-specific training programs, including healthcare, retail, restaurant, manufacturing and logistics, hospitality, construction, office, education, and government. By tailoring the content to the unique challenges and dynamics of each industry, EasyLlama ensures that employees receive relevant and applicable training to their specific work environments.

By empowering employees with the necessary knowledge and skills, EasyLlama supports the development of a respectful and inclusive workplace environment.

6. Kantola Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Cost: $9 to $29 per employee

Duration: 1 to 2 hours

Kantola Sexual Harassment Prevention Training is a comprehensive and engaging eLearning program that equips organizations with the tools to create an inclusive and respectful work environment.

With a strong focus on early intervention, the program goes beyond sexual harassment to cover topics such as protected characteristics, bias, discrimination, bullying, workplace relationships, and more.

You get an annual content refresh to ensure relevance and compliance with the latest federal laws and state requirements. Kantola offers employee and manager courses, catering to various jurisdictions, including California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maine, New York, Washington, other US states, Puerto Rico, and Canada. This contains laws and acts, such as the Workplace Transparency Act for supervisory employees.

While the sexual harassment prevention course covers many essential topics, it doesn’t explore different tactics. But if you need rapid staff sexual harassment training, it’s a fantastic choice.

7. Clear Law Institute Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Cost: Per request

Duration: 45 minutes to 2 hours

Clear Law Institute Sexual Harassment Prevention Training offers a comprehensive and legally accurate solution for organizations to meet their sexual harassment training requirements. Th 50-state compliant program offers new training each year at no cost so that employees avoid repetitive training.

Clear Law Institute also provides free legal updates to ensure that the training remains current with any changes in laws. Additionally, the training is accessible to users with disabilities, complying with accessibility requirements. You can customize with branding elements and workplace-specific scenarios to enhance relevance and engagement.

A minor setback of the Clear Law Institute Sexual Harassment Prevention Training may be the limited industry-specific content. While the program covers the essential aspects of sexual harassment prevention, it may not offer industry-specific examples or scenarios that are tailored to specific sectors such as healthcare, hospitality, or manufacturing.

Organizations operating in specialized industries may need to supplement the online training with additional resources or customize the content further to address industry-specific challenges and situations.

However, Clear Law Institute online training course covers several major harassment types, workplace bullying, and prevention tactics.

8. NAVEX Global Harassment Prevention Training

Cost: Per request

Duration: 30 minutes to 2 hours

NAVEX Global Harassment Prevention Training is another training program that covers topics such as harassment terminology, sexual harassment, and prevention/response strategies.

One of its notable strengths is its inclusion of contemporary topics. The program delves into areas such as gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation, recognizing the need for organizations to foster inclusive environments that embrace diversity. It also addresses the growing concern of digital harassment, guiding navigating the challenges of online interactions.

Additionally, the training addresses discrimination and power differentials, shedding light on the harmful effects of unequal treatment and providing guidance on promoting fairness and equality.

NAVEX Global’s training program also emphasizes understanding the legal landscape surrounding harassment prevention. It provides insights into the relevant laws applicable in different jurisdictions, ensuring organizations stay up-to-date and compliant with regulations.

While NAVEX Global Harassment Prevention Training offers a comprehensive curriculum, one possible downside is that the availability of certain modules or topics may vary depending on the specific package or subscription chosen by the organization. Review the training offerings and ensure the modules you require to address unique training needs are in their selected package.


Organizations require sexual harassment training programs that are effective but don’t take too much time to implement. When training employees, you must cover all significant issues and secure compliance.

On the other hand, if you’re an HR professional who wants to offer more to the possible next employer, you require personal, more in-depth training.

Fortunately, there are courses for everyone’s needs, and here we listed courses that will help you, regardless of background. We wish you all the best with engaging employees and your personal HR education.


Here you can read the most common questions and answers regarding sexual harassment prevention training.

How often does my company need to take the sexual harassment prevention training?

The frequency of sexual harassment prevention training for your company depends on factors such as the legal requirements in your jurisdiction and your company’s internal policies. In many jurisdictions, such as the United States, it is common for organizations to provide sexual harassment prevention training to employees on an annual basis. However, it’s important to consult local laws and regulations to determine the specific frequency required for your company.

Are there minimum requirements for sexual harassment training?

The minimum requirements for sexual harassment training may vary depending on the jurisdiction or industry. Some jurisdictions, such as California and New York, have specific regulations outlining the content, duration, and frequency of sexual harassment training. Additionally, specific industries may have particular requirements. Employers must familiarize themselves with their jurisdiction’s laws and regulations to ensure compliance with the minimum training requirements.

What is sexual harassment?

 Sexual harassment refers to unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature that creates a hostile, intimidating, or offensive work environment. It involves any unwanted behavior, advances, requests for sexual favors, or other verbal, non-verbal, or physical conduct that is sexual. Sexual harassment can occur between individuals of the same or different genders. A colleague, supervisor, client, or any person in a position of power within the work environment can perpetrate it. It is important to note that laws and definitions of sexual harassment may vary across jurisdictions, so it is crucial to consult local laws for specific purposes and requirements.


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