HR Business Partner Resume Examples and Templates

The role of an HR business partner is critical for streamlining all human resource management activities of an organization. When applying for this position, you need to do everything in your power to wow the HR manager. A good starting point is to look at HR business partner resume examples for some inspiration.

There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all formula when crafting a resume. Every resume needs to be tailored to the role you’re applying for. For instance, an HR generalist’s resume might be different from an HR coordinator’s resume.

Since HRBP is a rather complex role (at least when compared to an HR manager or an HR generalist), things can get a bit tricky.

To help you out, in this article, I’ll share the top sources from where you can download HR business partner resume templates (or just use them as examples to get inspired).

Let’s jump right in.

Top Sources for HR Business Partner Resume Samples

Creating a resume from scratch – especially for a role that’s responsible for aligning HR strategies with the broader business objectives – isn’t exactly easy.

A small misstep could land your resume in the pile of rejects.

If you’re creating a resume for the role of human resources business partner for the first time (or it has been a while since you updated yours), a little help can go a long way.

You can find top-level examples/templates on these websites:

1.      VelvetJobs

Let’s kick things off by talking about VelvetJobs – a leading career development and personal branding platform, packed with awesome tools for both recruiters and job seekers.

Here are the features it has to offer to job seekers:

  • Resume Builder – you can build a professional-looking resume for a HRBP role in 3 easy steps. Simply select a template, use pre-written bullet points (or tweak them), and download your resume in the format of your choice.
  • Resume Writing Service – don’t feel like putting in the effort yourself? You can opt for the resume writing services of VelvetJobs and get a professionally-written resume.
  • Job Search – this is a native search engine for job seekers where you can discover new opportunities. You can also use it to filter results by location, industry, companies, job title, and special keywords.

At VelvetJobs, you can find tons of awesome HR business partner resume examples, with complete lists of different job responsibilities and relevant experiences that you can list in your own.

You can get one generic example (that you can copy and paste on a Word Doc), and several other examples tailored to certain industries.

2.      LiveCareer

Next on the list is LiveCareer, another renowned career development platform, where you can find thousands of resume examples and for thousands of job roles – across different industries.

Furthermore, LiveCareer offers the following:

  • Resume Template – eye-catching and ready-to-use templates that you can use to craft and finalize your resume in a few minutes.
  • Cover Letter Builder – in addition to resumes, you can also use LiveCareer to craft an awesome cover letter that can leave a lasting impression. You can also get examples if you’re not sure of what to include.
  • Job Search Tools – these include a native job board, salary calculator, and a special job application tool.

All things aside, you can find more than 8,700 examples of resumes for the role of HR business partner.

You can get real resumes tailored to certain industries, companies, and even locations.

However, their search tool doesn’t have special filters that allow you to do that (if you want an example listing a certain employer in the work experience section, you’ll need to use the appropriate keywords and look it up manually).

If you’re interested in a more in-depth guide to getting your dream HR role, then check out our HR certifications.

Human Resources Certifications

3.      MintResume

Unlike the two websites mentioned earlier, MintResume isn’t a full-scale career development platform, but rather a simple collection of top-of-the-line resumes and cover letters that you can use to get some inspiration.

You can also find highly useful resources for career development and personal branding.

All the HR business partner resume and cover letter samples are absolutely free. There’s no registration required – just copy and paste the content to a word processing program and tweak it to your liking.

At first glance, you’ll realize that the basic interface is similar to that of VelvetJobs. At the top, you’ll see a generic example of an HRBP’s resume, with sample work experiences and detailed job descriptions.

In the next section, you can get expert tips on how to write the perfect resume for this role.

When you scroll further below, you’ll see an extensive list of “typical experience” for an HRBP resume.

4.      QwikResume

QwikResume, just like MintResume, is a huge online library of resume and cover letter templates that you can download in both PDF and Word formats.

Additionally, it offers educational resources aimed at helping candidates with their job hunts.

What I like most about QwikResume is how targeted and organized the overall content on their landing pages are.

For instance, the page where they’ve listed HR business partner resume examples starts off with a brief description of what an HRBP does, then moves on to listing resumes for different experience levels.

Whether you’re looking for a sample for a junior role (responsible for assisting the senior management with HR policies concerning performance management, talent management, succession planning, employee engagement, etc.) or a senior role responsible for everything, you’ll definitely find something to get inspiration from.

And the best part – you don’t have to sign up to download the samples.

Simply click on the “Download Resume PDF” to download the (non-editable) file. To use a template, you’ll need to click on the “Build Resume Free” button that will lead you to the relevant landing page.

5.      JobHero

JobHero is a full-fledged “job hunting tool” and a source of valuable job search and talent acquisition advice from experts.

Today, it is primarily known as a powerful cover letter and resume builder, offering some of the most powerful tools out there.

Similar to QwikResume, JobHero provides a short description of what the job role entails, while providing a ready-to-use, sleek resume template.

Once you scroll down below, you can explore additional examples, with each including a section for the candidate’s information (years of experience and level of education) and another for in-depth professional overview.

You can conveniently copy an entire resume sample by simply clicking on the green copy icon at the top right corner.

Furthermore, you can use the tool to create a resume from scratch. To get started, click on the “Edit This Resume” button. Then, you’ll be prompted to select your professional experience (in years), a template, and provide your details by either entering them manually or uploading an existing CV.

Tips for Creating an HR Business Partner Resume

As mentioned earlier, there’s no universal way of crafting a resume, regardless of your job title.

The only constant is to list all of your relevant credentials, experiences, and skills that could help you stand out from the rest of the candidates.

That being said, there are certain best practices and formats that most recruiters are accustomed to.

If you’re about to build your resume after a long time, here’s a quick breakdown of what it should include:

  • Top Section – this should include your basic information, including your full name and contact details (number, address, email, and any social/portfolio link). You can also include a recent picture of yourself.
  • Objective/Introduction – use this section to provide a quick overview of your HR career so far. Think of it as a personal elevator pitch. You have less than a minute to sell yourself as the best candidate for the HRBP position you’re applying for.
  • Education – list down your academic achievements in reverse chronological order (i.e., start with your most recent qualification and work your way down to high school).
  • Work Experience – like the education section, list down your professional experience in reverse chronological order to show how you have consistently excelled throughout your career. Remember to share any measurable results that you achieved in those jobs.
  • Skills – list down the hard and soft skills you possess that are critical to the job role. The most in-demand ones include leadership skills, interpersonal skills, management skills, and familiarity with HRIS, to name a few.
  • Certifications – finally, if you have any relevant certifications, create a separate section where you can briefly share their details.

Remember – a good resume is short and sweet, yet detailed enough to provide the recruiter with the information they need to determine if you’re a good fit for the role.

What Does an HR Business Partner Do?

Generally speaking, a HR business partner is a senior management role who directly works with executives.

Their core responsibility is to align the different HR processes (employee relations, onboarding, training, change management, compensation and benefits, etc.) with the main goal(s) of the company.

A HRBP ensures that their HR team delivers real business value to the employer. For them, every HR initiative, be it a training program or a change in the recruitment strategy, should help the company in achieving its vision in one way or the other.

They do that by partnering with the HR managers and the directors, helping with the following:

Workforce Planning

As implied above, the job of a HRBP entails a lot of strategic thinking.

Perhaps one of their most important duties – one that can leave a lasting impact on the bottom line of the business – is workforce planning.

This involves carefully analyzing the organization’s current human capital needs, estimating how often you’d have to deal with new hires (based on the organizational design), and allocating budget accordingly.

Recruitment and Selection

Perhaps the most important aspect of an HR professional’s job is to help recruit and select capable human capital for their employer.

Creating and communicating the job requirements, digging through potentially thousands of resumes, and evaluating hundreds of candidates are easily some of the most exhausting responsibilities in the corporate world.

A HRBP is directly involved with the entire recruitment and selection process, ensuring that it aligns with the workforce planning.

Employee Development

Another crucial responsibility of a HRBP is to create smooth paths for professional development of all employees of their organization.

The goal of this particular HR program is to find a middle ground between the personal objectives of every employee and what the organization hopes to accomplish with them.

It entails investing in formal training programs to help colleagues excel in their careers.

Compensation and Benefits

If you have some experience with compensation and benefits, make sure to include it in your HR business partner resume.

That’s because one of the main responsibilities of a HRBP is to determine the packages for different roles.

They do all of that while ensuring that everything falls within budget.

Employee Relations

Finally, the HR business partner also works with the human resources managers to cultivate strong relationships within the organization.

This could entail engaging in conflict resolution, looking after labor relations, and taking disciplinary actions whenever necessary.

How to Become an HR Business Partner?

Becoming a HR business partner is a challenging but a rewarding endeavor.

While you don’t need special qualifications to be considered a viable candidate, some experience in and knack for strategic planning can help you stand out.

Here’s a quick career path to help you get started:

  • Academic Qualification – you need at least a bachelor’s degree in business administration, HR management, or industrial psychology. Having a master’s degree/MBA is a huge plus.
  • Relevant Experience – a HRBP is a business leader. They have strong business acumen, experience in the technicalities of HR (such as employment law), and know how to use their experience to their advantage. Volunteer to work on projects that might help in those areas.
  • Skills – polish your critical thinking, strategic management, project management, and leadership skills.
  • Certifications (Optional) – you can also invest in an additional certification (consider the SHRM certification for starters).

Finally, remember to keep an eye out for HRBP roles. If you’re just starting out in your career, you might want to wait and build up some experience first.

Wrapping it Up

As anHR business partner, you’re responsible for the business value the HR department delivers.

Due to the nature of the role, recruiters tend to be extra careful when reviewing candidates.

Make sure that your HR business partner resume speaks volumes for your experience, what you bring to the table, and how you can help the organization achieve its long-term goals.


If you are new to Human Resources and are looking to break into a HR role, we recommend taking our HR Certification Courses, where you will learn how to build your skillset in human resources, build your human resources network, craft a great HR resume, and create a successful job search strategy.


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