10 Common HR Coordinator Interview Questions and Answers

Going up to an interview is no doubt a challenging task, but it gets more complicated when you’re going for an HR job. That’s true for established HR roles like that of the HR coordinator. That’s why if you’re going for an interview, it’s best to look at some HR coordinator interview questions and answers.

While each organization and industry would have different questions during an HR coordinator interview, there are some common questions. In some cases, it’s the same question with a different setting.

Either way, it’s crucial to prepare yourself beforehand to impress the hiring manager or recruiter. If you’re looking to learn about the HR coordinator interview questions via video, then watch below. Otherwise, skip ahead.

In this article, we’ll go over the most used and critical HR coordinator interview questions, along with the ideal answer process.

Let’s dive right in.

10 HR Coordinator Interview Questions and Answers

Depending on the HR coordinator job description, you might get differentiating interview questions.

Provided that you’ve mastered the HR coordinator resume, your next stop is to check out the following interview questions and try to answer them for your next interview.

Interview Questions About Your HR Career

Here is the list of HR coordinator interview questions and answers regarding your HR career:

1. Why Are You Applying for This (HR Coordinator) Position?

Alternative question: Why are you interested in the HR coordinator position?

When you’ve gone over the niceties, the first question most recruiters will ask you is why you’re applying for the position. It’s crucial to not get phased by this question and have a robust answer ready to go.

This is your opportunity to steer the interview in your favor. That’s because if you can convince the interviewer that you want this position and that it’s important to you, the upcoming questions will reinforce your strong position.

The best way to answer this question is by starting with a little background about your HR career. Explain why you got into HR and try to spin it in a way that’s inspiring. Once you establish that base, start delving into your HR career.

Go into a little detail about how you started your HR career, including your first official role and how you have progressed over the years. After that, explain that the HR coordinator position is the next logical step in your HR career and will help you develop a career path.

Meanwhile, it’s also important to use the company angle – mention that how a human resources coordinator position in a company would help boost your HR career and give you more opportunities to grow.

2. What Other Jobs Are You Applying For?

Alternative question: Did you consider applying for any other roles except HR coordinator?

After you answer the question about why you’re applying for the position, hiring managers tend to ask about other jobs you have applied to. The question is there to check two things:

  • How serious you are in building your HR career
  • How serious you are about building your HR career at the company you’ve applied to

For example, if you’ve applied for a finance job at another company, that is a red flag for the recruiter. That tells them you’re not one hundred percent sure about an HR career and that you’ve applied to the position for the sake of getting a job.

However, if you tell them that you’ve applied to other HR coordinator and HR positions in the same industry but at companies that have different offerings, that’s a green light. That tells the recruiter that you’re serious about building an HR career and that you’re interested in the HR coordinator position of their company.

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Interview Questions About HR Coordinator Job Requirements

Here is the list of HR coordinator interview questions and answers regarding HR coordinator job requirements:

3. What Do You Think the HR Coordinator Position Entails?

Alternative question: What do you know about HR coordinator duties?

This question is a shot in the dark that employers ask to gauge your understanding of human resources in general. Many companies have redundant job descriptions; the actual tasks can be very different. However, they still expect you, the candidate, to have some sense of understanding of the HR coordinator roles and responsibilities.

While the ideal way to answer the question is to prepare an answer beforehand by researching HR coordinator roles in companies, you also need to leverage your work experience. That’s how you can give specific examples in these common interview questions.

At this point, you can even reference some HR tasks from your last job to make your point. In any case, you need to explain the HR coordinator role as an interviewee to show them that you understand what is required from the job.

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4. Do You Think You Have the Necessary Skills to Become a Human Resources Coordinator?

Alternative question: Explain why you think you are a perfect fit for this role?

It’s hard to provide an accurate representation of your skills; that’s why recruiters ask it as a direct question to gauge your response. Every job deems some skills as important skills while others are considered passive and not so important.

The HR coordinator job requires you to have excellent interpersonal and communication skills, for starters. Other than that, you need to have great decision-making, organizational, and problem-solving skills.

You can relay an accurate representation of your interpersonal and communication skills through confidence, straightforward answers, and great body language. However, to prove your problem-solving and decision-making skills, you might need to bring up some examples from a previous job or some personal examples.

A human resource coordinator would also need excellent team-building skills. That means you have to prove that you’re a team player and can assimilate with other team members.

Interview Questions About the HR Coordinator Role and Responsibilities

Here is the list of HR coordinator interview questions and answers regarding HR coordinator roles and responsibilities:

5. What HR Duties Are You Most Familiar With?

Alternative question: What are the most common duties of an HR coordinator?

Since each HR professional starts career in different positions and organizations, they may have varying career paths and career goals. This question is asked to check what you have done during your HR career to see how experienced you are.

It also gives a sense of understanding of the work environment you’ve been in and what your expectations are for any human resources department.

In any case, you need to explain what you did at your previous job, whether it was instructing employees, managing other interviewees, employees, and more. If you worked on benefits administration, leaves management, retirement plans, and other stuff, you need to explain how you contributed.

You also have to mention the times when helped maintain discipline, fostered team spirit, and worked on a common vision. However, make sure not to divulge any confidential information.

6. How Does the Role of Leadership Work in HR Coordination?

Alternative question: What are your concepts of leadership in HR?

The HR coordinator job involves managing other employees at some level, and that’s why leadership plays an important role in the job.

While HR coordinators have to maintain a level of professionalism, they also serve as role models for people. Being motivate and positive is part of the job; you need those people skills to motivate other employees.

The HR department needs to display itself as a helpful and motivating platform for existing and new employees. And HR coordinators play a vital role in doing so.

You have to explain this entire concept during the hiring process.

Other things that you need to mention are how you would manage tight deadlines and employee issues using your leadership skills.

7. How Familiar Are You With Office-Related Technology and Duties?

Alternative question: What HR coordinator technologies are you familiar with?

This question is less about HR and more about your administrative and computer capabilities.

HR coordinator skills you must have

You have to show that you understand how to make and answer relevant phone calls, use fax machines, printers, and scanners. Other than that, you need a great document handling system, good report typing skills, and more.

On the computer side, you need to understand everything about using emails, internal memos, and organization-wide group messages. You also need to know how to use Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other similar text and content software.

If your last job had you use any HR software, you could mention that too. Try to explain how you learned the software, what you can do with it, and how easy it was for you to learn it.

8. How Would You Assist in Improving Company Products/Services as an HR Coordinator?

Alternative question: What can you bring to the company as an HR coordinator?

The HR coordinator can also provide input on the products and services of the company. In fact, the job interview is almost always designed to see what other ways any given candidate can contribute.

That’s why you have to use this opportunity to mention that you’ll bring in a unique and fresh perspective. That perspective applies to everything from HR practices, rules, products, customers, services, work environment, strategy, and more.

You have to show that you can provide constructive advice and feedback while offering unique solutions to existing problems. A good practice is to ask the interviewers about any recent issue they’ve had that is becoming a nuisance for them. Then provide them with a possible solution; there’s a good chance you may succeed in providing a viable solution.

Furthermore, you should also mention any experience you’ve had with product development or product ideation. It would give you a unique advantage in the interview process.

9. How Would You Motivate Employees as the Human Resource Coordinator?

Alternative question: How would you motivate other employees?

There’s always a rather technical question during the interview, and most hiring managers tend to ask about motivation.

This is another chance to show that you’re passionate about HR. You get to explain how you will managing employees. At this point, you need to showcase your HR knowledge and also your personal beliefs on the ideal way of employee management.

It’s important to know that there are no templates for motivating employees, it’s always a process, and that process is different for each HR professional.

If you can, drop in some tips and tricks for motivating employees. These can be general tips and also whatever you’ve learned through experience. It’s also a good practice to back up your answers with relevant examples. If you have any real-life personal examples of success, that’s even better.

In any case, you have to show independence and initiative in your answers. Provide viable solutions like training programs, conflict management seminars, and more. The more examples you can provide, the better.

10. Do You Prefer Working With Others or Alone in HR?

Alternative question: What are your thoughts on team work? Do you prefer working alone?

The ending question is always a tricky one. Everyone knows HR professionals must be team players. At this point, you can’t afford to flinch while answering. Make sure that you are clear in replying that you prefer working with everyone because that’s who you are as an HR professional.

You can’t say something like, “It’s part of the job to work with others.” That implies that you’re just a team player because it’s in the job description. You have to show that you like being a team player, you prefer working with others, and that you chose the HR profession because of that.

Acing the HR Coordinator Interview Questions

While you can get a lot of interview tips and classic interview questions and answers online, it’s still hard for job seekers to ace their interviews.

The job search for the HR coordinator job is easy, but it’s very hard to ace the interview. That’s because the HR coordinator job is complicated and requires you to have the appropriate experience and knowledge. That’s also what justifies the average HR coordinator salary.

In any case, to ace the HR coordinator interview questions, you have to make sure all your HR knowledge and concepts are clear. Once that’s done, go through the questions and answers above to get an idea of what kind of questions you might get and also how to answer them in the right way.

Once you do that, prepare yourself for both industry and company interview by learning about them before your interview, and then secure that HR coordinator job.


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