Best Performance Management Software 2024: Reviews and Pricing

Looking for the best performance management software? Keep on reading to find a detailed review on the best performance management tools.

A performance management system is a tool that helps companies better understand and manage their performance. It is used for many different purposes, including but not limited to measuring the effectiveness of employee training programs, ensuring compliance with government regulations, monitoring customer satisfaction levels, and more.

In this article, we will review some of the best performance management software available in 2024, as well as pricing information to help you make an informed decision about which product is right for your company’s growth.

What is Employee Performance Management Software?

Performance manager software is a technology provides a platform that enables HR departments and managers within any size business or organization to track daily progress on key operational metrics such as employee engagement (both internally and externally), customer service ratings, turnover rates, safety records, etc. The product then uses artificial intelligence algorithms to compare data and evaluate individual performances.

The performance management tools assess employee performance but also team dynamics and organizational success.

It is important to look at the reviews of a performance management tool because these are resources that have been through what you’re experiencing and can help in your decision-making process.

Reviews offer constructive criticism that can help discover any weaknesses or strengths, as well as determine whether it will meet all of your needs.

In today’s competitive world, employee performance matters in a company’s success. Therefore, read some of these reviews and make your decision based on them.

Let’s not waste any more time, shall we?

13 Best Performance Management Tools

Here’s a list of best performance management software:

1. SAP SuccessFactors

SAP SuccessFactors is a popular solution for those who are looking to streamline performance management. This performance management tool offers many features to facilitate HR functions and evaluate employees categorically, and then, gives an organization something to look forward to.

The user interface might seem overwhelming at first glance, with too much data available in one place. But after training employees on how the system works, most users find they enjoy using this software because of its customizable options and ability to save documents electronically without requiring extra steps.

Some people have expressed their concerns that their company’s unique requirements is not met through SAP Success factors alone – meaning they had to invest in other pieces of software outside what was offered within the package itself.

Regardless, it is our go-to performance management tool and employee assessment unit connecting business requirements.


  •     360-degree feedback
  •     Individualized reports
  •     Pre-configured questions, workflows, and report format
  •     Rich feedback and visualizations


Starting at $8 per user a month to $85 per employee per year, it’s well-organized with all the features any midsized or larger business will need. For more info, please visit their webpage here.

 2. 15five

A company with a vision to restore performance management as the driving factor.

15five is one of the innovative and top-rated performance management systems out there, when it comes to the variety of features for small businesses.

The money goes towards a service that offers multiple functionalities like surveys, live chat support, and a performance review module, among others. It gives a new meaning to employee performance in the digital age.


  •     Option of having 1-on-1 meetings with employees
  •     Quick surveys and questionnaires for the performance review process
  •     Ability to benchmark against peers in your industry


There are three pricing plans available to you, the Basic Plan ($7 per person per month), Plus Plan ($14/person every month), and Enterprise plan.

For more information on the enterprise-level service, contact 15Five today.

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 3. Engagedly Inc. Performance Appraisal Software

Engagedly Inc. offers an excellent service for effective performance management; however, it is the right option if you are looking for your employees to have one-on-one meetings with their managers every month.

Continuous performance management is a way to encourage healthy dialogue between employees and managers. It is a comprehensive solution to align people practices with organizational strategy.

Engagedly’s features and functionality are designed for today’s workforce which includes an easy-to-use, modular platform that enables organizations to execute goal management, performance appraisals, and 360 reviews while also enhancing people development through LMS + mentoring + coaching or social praise.

The features include quick survey questionnaires which allow workers to answer questions in short periods to gauge their engagement levels on different aspects of company culture such as socializing outside work hours or whether they feel like they have autonomy in decisions made at work.


  •     Multiply retention and expansion activities with talent mobility
  •     Enhance accountability
  •     Improve communication
  •     Easy to use
  •     Cost-effective
  •     Allows employees to answer a quick set of questions about their work environment each month to measure performance and further employee satisfaction.


At $5 per user, Performance Management is a bargain. Strikeout employee performance management from your to-do list with this performance appraisal tool.

Request a demo by visiting Engagedly today.

4. BambooHR

A name that’s buzzing around the web, BambooHR has been a popular choice for many HR teams looking to improve their performance management.

The BambooHR Peer Review Process provides insightful feedback on workers never before seen by managers, without any bias or lack of understanding when reporting to their superiors.

It is an all-in-one performance review software, including a talent management system and employee engagement module; one of the stand-out tools on our list that speaks volumes in favor of employee performance.


  •     Enables managers to create detailed coaching plans for individual employees.
  •     Saves a lot of time in creating reports and analyzing data, that you can leverage productivity by using these extra hours to improve employee engagement like one-on-one meetings with your team members.
  •     The dashboard offers insights, such as engagement scores by week or month, which helps you evaluate better
  •     Possesses an applicant tracking system that allows for e-signatures


BambooHR is a software company that offers two pricing options: Essentials and Advantage. Both of these plans start at $99 per month, but you can contact the company to get an exact quote for your needs.

Please visit BambooHR for more details.

5. OrangeHRM

OrangeHRM, which stands for “People HR Management”, is a company that offers a performance management tool among other utilities. Their website mentions features like employee evaluations and analysis in various ways, as well as providing an applicant tracking system with e-signatures.

When it comes to performance management tools, OrangeHRM is up there with the best ones on the market.


  •     Peer-to-peer feedback
  •     Performance review and performance appraisals made easy
  •     Suited best for small to mid-sized businesses
  •     Days of long, tedious workflows are over with OrangeHRM
  •     Succession planning (it is when a key employee suddenly leaves) support
  •     Contacting Human Resources professionals reveals they all recommend using departmental goal-setting for annual objectives because this allows employees to apply themselves.


OrangeHRM starts at $6/user, but you have the opportunity to try it on for free for 30 days. Here’s their website to read more.

6. PeopleFluent

PeopleFluent is one of the performance management tools that’s been around for a while.

It is a data-driven, cloud-based company that helps companies recruit and retain their best talent. They offer an integrated set of products, including robust competency management and proactive career development to help clients find the right people for the job at any stage in their careers.

Performance Management Process

Their system serves large organizations looking for ways to automate performance management processes while helping them scale with ease.


  •     Integrates with the talent management system
  •     Provides automated workflows which will save time on tedious tasks like scheduling meetings to update employee records
  •     It generates reports of employee progress towards goals
  •     Continuous feedback helps you improve productivity by aligning employees with the organizational goals
  •     Succession planning, and learning solutions to provide a user-friendly performance management platform
  •     It also has robust goal-setting features such as public or private goals, lockable/unlockable, and modifiable so it’s perfect if your business needs are changing
  •     Known for its applicant tracking system


Pricing and plans are not listed on their site. You would have to contact them for more info. Please visit PeopleFluent today.

7. ADP

ADP is another top performer in the HR software industry. It has been around for decades and is a well-known company that offers HR teams the support they need. The services it offers are online payroll, human resources management solutions, including benefits administration, and talent acquisition systems.

Their goal is to help companies succeed by providing them the resources they need to take care of their employees. Customers say that you get what you pay for with ADP, but it is a little expensive if your needs are not too extensive.

You will have live chat and phone support available 24/hrs a day, as well as customer service reps who are very knowledgeable about the performance management process.


  •     Performance reviews
  •     Real-time feedback
  •     Social interaction platforms for instant support
  •     Goal management


Start your workforce planning and management across the board for $10 per user per month. Please contact ADP for the free trial.

8. ClearCompany

ClearCompany is a performance management system with accuracy. It helps you manage all of your company’s employees in one place – including customer service reps and executives.

The clear advantage with ClearCompany is that the system works well as an applicant tracking system. Both small businesses and large companies may utilize and set performance management features from day 1.

On the whole, it seems like an excellent option for those looking to adopt modern human resource techniques. Now, achieving better goal alignment, increasing employee engagement, and gaining tangible insights into your workforce is easier than you may think.


  •     Empower workers with peer and 360 reviews; they are the most reliable ways to get unbiased feedback on your business. The more people see these ratings, the better.
  •     There’s not a single component of your business that you can’t track through Seamless Cycle Management & Completion Tracking, from payroll to customer service. You’ll never miss an important detail again with this powerful software suite.
  •     User-friendly interface along with intuitiveness built into its algorithm.
  •     Customizable
  •     Employee engagement surveys.
  •     Mobile performance reviews available; they are a great way to ensure that your business is performing well, and they can happen anywhere.

Since a mobile app can access information on the go, you’ll never have any excuse for not being able to give feedback about someone’s work ethic or punctuality – even if there were no witnesses.


As per the information available on the internet, the price for the system starts at $70. However, please drop by their website – ClearCompany – for more insights.

9. Ascender

Ascender is a cloud-based software for performance management. It includes all the features you’ll need to assess your employees and team members, as well as track their progress.

You can access it from any device with internet access – at home or abroad – making it easy to keep up on a project even when you’re not at the office.

The system gives supervisors and managers a bird’s eye view of their team, where they can track performance on an individual level or compare two employees side-by-side.

And, it also includes features for analyzing compensation levels based on job responsibilities, as well as benchmarking them against industry standards.

It’s time to take your work. Setting goals is now easier than ever, making it much simpler for the employee review process and giving HR a full report of all outcomes.


  •     Allows for you to set goals and track progress
  •     Keeps a log of all employee reviews, with details about what was discussed in the meeting
  •     All performance is tracked over time, making it easy for HR to see an overall picture of how employees are performing at work
  •     Strategic outcomes are measured and compared to industry standards, so you can assure that employees are being compensatesd
  •     Compensation is based on job responsibilities for fairness


Ascender has been rated one of the best in the industry for its features.


PeopleSteme, and now Ascender, shares pricing upon request. It also offers a free trial. You can get started today by visiting Ascender.

10. IBM Talent Management Software

IBM Talent Management Software was created by IBM to help businesses track the progress of their people. It features an AI-powered navigation system that offers suggestions for the best development plans based on individual objectives, which you can customize according to company needs.

One of its key attributes is that it also provides data insights into hiring trends, so business owners know when they need more people in a specific area or skillset.

IBM’s Talent Management Division provides HR Solutions, a variety of assessments, recruiting, and development tools.

For talent acquisition, there is IBM Kenexa Talent Acquisition Suite which was designed to help you identify your most promising candidates by understanding their backgrounds, skillsets, and ambitions in one convenient package.

There are also solutions for employee performance assessment such as the IBM Watson Candidate Assistant that can predict how well an individual will integrate with specific job roles or companies based on personality profile information provided about themselves – all without meeting them face-to-face.

Rating: The software has been rated one of the best performance management systems available for businesses in 2021.


  •     Ease of Implementation
  •     Up to date performance data for employees
  •     Unique assessment tools such as the IBM Watson


IBM Cloud Application Performance Management is a must-have for any company with an IT department.

Starting at $26.60 per month seems like a reasonable investment when you consider all the benefits, including increased speed and efficiency of your most critical applications by up to 200%.

Don’t wait until it’s too late: purchase IBM today so that tomorrow doesn’t seem quite as daunting.

11. Betterworks

It is a thriving choice for small to mid-sized companies while it works best for large enterprises. The platform is easy to use and the pricing structure varies based on the number of employees.

The package includes several features that employees will appreciate, including gamification and digital coaching. It makes their lives easier.

Betterworks is an excellent choice if you’re looking for reliable software to manage your company.

And it has the flexibility needed by every modern business, with modules that you can purchase and combined in any way.

The reason we choose Betterworks as one of the best tools to drive employee productivity in 2024 is that it has many features and only a few drawbacks.


  •     Ease of Implementation: Easy
  •     Goal alignment conversations available to reassure employees that their work is making a valuable contribution to the company
  •     Templates available to HR for every kind of conversation
  •     Up to date performance data for employees: Yes
  •     The real-time feedback and social recognition option for workers to stay motivated
  •     Quantitative performance conversations integrate into your Human Resources Information System (HRIS), which is the foundation of any good organization’s recruitment and retention strategies


It is a platform that serves clients like FedEx and Hulu.


Betterworks is an excellent tool to measure an employee’s performance and productivity. For just $8 per month, you can monitor the performance metrics of your employees’ work from anywhere with an internet connection. Please visit their site here.

12. Cornerstone OnDemand

Cornerstone’s performance management system helps you manage the workforce by generating reports that provide insights and analytics for your organization’s diverse needs.

With this software, you can unlock the true potential of your workforce.

It is a convenient solution for HR, talent, and workforce management with most of the features you need at a fraction of competitive products.

Their goal is to reduce costs, increase productivity and improve results for organizations. Suitable for both small businesses and large enterprises, Cornerstone offers a wide range of products.


  •     Actionable insights
  •     Customizable dashboard
  •     Mobile Apps and Integrations
  •     Cloud Computing Solutions
  •     Low cost
  •     User-friendly interface


You can ask for a software setup after taking the free trial. They haven’t mentioned a fixed price on their site yet.

It’s better to contact them by filling out this form.

13. iCIMS: Performance Reviews Made Easy

iCIMS talent cloud is next on our list of performance management and career advancement tools. This performance management software automates the employee efforts and timely reports to the executives of their statuses.

It is an established company with a wealth of experience in the HR field. Having been around since the year 2000, they have helped many companies and organizations grow by providing the best performance management software.

Their performance appraisal process has evolved, from being focused on recruitment and staffing to covering talent management tools for performance reviews, career development opportunities, etc.

Talk about HR transformation.

iCIMS has many innovative features, including tools for remote and mobile employees.


What makes iCIMS stand out is their strong focus on performance reviews – having been rated one of the best solutions in this category with 4.3 out of 5 ratings by Gartner.

The software also provides career development opportunities that you can customize to the company’s needs.


  •     Personalized review process
  •     Career development opportunities
  •     Remote and mobile employee support
  •     Integrated with many HR systems
  •     The days of spending hours on the phone with an agent to find a new talent are gone. Now, you can use your existing staff instead and save time and money.

iCIMS is one of the most popular HR tools for Performance Management in the market, with customers across many countries. Notable clients include Hard Rock, CVS Pharmacy, Uber, and more.


The pricing for each company is not the same depending on the number of employees, of course. Please visit iCIMS today to get started with your performance review process.


Performance management software is a type of HR solution that helps businesses with their employee performance evaluations, goal-setting, and development.

Reviews are important to consider when deciding on which performance management software you want to invest in because people have different needs, and there’s no one size fits all approach.

We recommend these 13 options based both on our research as well as customer reviews we’ve collected from across the web.


Here’s a list of performance management FAQs:

What is Performance Management?

Performance management is a business process of identifying, applying and managing the performance of employees. It helps to ensure that managers and staff have clear goals in place and are held accountable throughout the year.

What is the Benefit of Using Computer Software for Performance Management?

The best computer software for performance management is automated, accurate, and customizable. You can access it from anywhere with an internet connection, or it’s available on a network, so managers don’t have to work offline.

What are Some Unique Features of a Good Performance Management Tool?

Some of the popular features include:

  •     Unlimited data storage
  •     Automated reminders
  •     Time tracking and scheduling
  •     Direct messaging to employees from managers

And more. Many features make it easy for employers who want a customized experience, like the ability to create custom report types or manage several organizations with a single account. The best performance management system is designed for flexibility so it can match new requirements.

What could People Say About Performance Management Software in General?

People who use a performance management system could say something like the design is intuitive and easy to navigate.

They could enjoy how customizable it is, so it suits their organization’s specific needs, such as using employee data from HRIS with other third-party tools like payroll systems or launching new career sites.

Some even suggest investing time into training employees on how to best utilize the features available within Performance Manager before checking out the system.

Some don’t like how many pieces of software must be used together to create a cohesive performance management process.

Why do I Need Software for Performance Management?

A software can help you identify the best employees and teams in your company. It is at this point that all the investment you made in an employee becomes worth it. Not just that, it frees your HR team from manual hours that otherwise are spent on doing the work themselves.

A performance management system can help an organization’s performance process, recruit and develop talent, build a team, and drive business outcomes. It also helps improve their culture by collecting data from employees in an anonymous way, so you know their stance at any given moment.

As soon as the data compiles and performance reports are generated, you get to know where the workforce stands.

The software uses predictive analytics and data science to assess your employees and then helps you meet organizational objectives.


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