8 Best Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Programs 2024

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Sexual harassment in the workplace has been a severe issue for a long time. The employer must take direct responsibility and provide proper prevention training for its employees to avoid unlawful sexual harassment and harassment discrimination acts.

Depending on the state, different federal and state laws and policies define when an employer must conduct sexual harassment prevention training. As an example, under New York’s Local Law 96 of 2018, employers who have 15 or more employees must conduct sexual harassment prevention training once per year. Under California law, employees with 5 or more employees must conduct a one-hour prevention training every two years.

Many employees often fail to understand what defines sexual harassment. Sexual harassment is any sexual, physical, or verbal act without compliance.

Moreover, harassment can go outside the subjects involved in the act. An employee from one department can witness harassment in another and file a complaint even though they didn’t take an active part. In cases like that, a supervisor doesn’t know how to act.

Companies and organizations are liable for any event that takes place in the workplace. Whether the company was or wasn’t aware of the event, it must take legal responsibility. Furthermore, they are required to provide proper employees training.

As the name entails, sexual harassment prevention isn’t about acting right if the harassment happens. Instead, it’s learning how to act proactively and prevent the problem from happening in the first place.

Best Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Programs 2024

Here are the eight most effective sexual harassment prevention training programs for companies just starting to have training in the workplace. The programs provide proper education no matter if the company is in California, New York, or any other state.

1. ProProfs Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Proprofs Sexual Harassment Prevention Training


Cost: $4 per learner per month

Duration: 1-hour for employees, 2 hours for supervisors

The Proprofs course meets all U.S. federal and state requirements. Since supervisors often fail to recognize sexual harassment, the class provides employers and employees with proper education via video examples, guidelines, and a final test.

To ensure that all employees take the class and finish the course, supervisors can customize lessons and have a virtual classroom.

You can create custom training requirements and even add any sexual harassment prevention policy you might have. This way, employers ensure that employees understand the law and are familiar with the company-specific rules. Larger companies can extend it even further by adding rules specific to each department.

Upon completion, employers get data and statistics that help record the progress.

Being an online model training program, employees can take the written test outside the workplace, which is helpful during Covid 19 workplace limitations.

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Diversity and inclusion certification

Proprofs place heavy importance on staying in sync with legal requirements. Meaning, the program is excellent for companies that have either annual or bi-annual basis sexual harassment prevention training. Last but not the least, Proprofs is a solid pick for companies that are in a state where laws change often.

2. EasyLlama Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Easyllama Sexual Harassment Prevention Training


Cost: $14.95 per employee, discount after 50 employees

Duration: 30 minutes to 2 hours

Although employers must provide anti-sexual harassment training, oftentimes, they struggle with finding the time and ensuring that workers don’t just skim over it. An average business cannot find free hours or resources to deliver the required training.

Similar to the previous one, EasyLlama provides sexual harassment prevention training in various states. Furthermore, you can also conduct prevention training for discrimination and other types of harassment in the workplace.

Moreover, the courses are easy and flexible, making them great for busy companies. Each course consists of short 10-minute sessions that attendees can access online whenever they want. Also, the cost is lower for every next employee after you cross the 50 mark threshold.

Benefits of Sexual harassment prevention training programs

This is helpful for companies that need to update their employment record whenever a new hire comes in. New workers can start their online training and access materials through the software menu without interrupting others.

The interface is intuitive and easy to manage, even if the employer doesn’t know sexual harassment prevention laws.

The support team is responsive, and you can expect a quick reply whenever you’re unsure of something.

3. Inspired eLearning Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Inspired Learning Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Cost: $24.96 per person

Duration: 1 to 2 hours

Like most of the courses on the list, Inspired eLearning provides sexual harassment prevention training that meets all U.S. regulations. But Inspired eLearning also covers regulations from other countries, making the program great for multi-cultural companies.

A business might have its HQ in California, U.S., if there’s a sister company in another country, the company must meet different legal requirements. This often creates not just language barriers making the policies difficult to translate but also human-relation hurdles.

Since everyone in a company must be on the same page, Inspired eLearning supports over a dozen different languages.

Although the program is not the best choice for small companies, it’s a great choice for multi-national companies and government organizations. Since everybody must take the anti-sexual harassment training, the intuitive design makes it easy to eliminate the white noise and save time and money.

The course is packed with guides, infographics, videos, and many other resources to provide in-depth training on sexual harassment.

4. SHT Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Sexual Harassment Training Discrimination Training

Cost: $19.99 to $29.99 per employee

Duration: 2 hours

For small companies and single-person businesses, the cost is a big concern. Sexual Harassment Training (SHT) is a great option that offers both organization and individual-level options.

Companies that hire a new employee right after finishing a team sexual harassment prevention training don’t want to waste money on a new training bundle.  But the policy still requires the new hire to take the course.

Sexual Harassment Training provides different training for employees and supervisors. The employee training is one hour long, while the supervisor coaching takes two hours.

Besides being an online sexual harassment program, individuals can do the training at their own pace and get two-year certificates. The certificate is useful to individuals who plan to switch their residence. With the certificate, workers don’t need to retake the exam if they change a company or even move to a different state.

They each human rights training to new employees, role of mobile device in sexual harassment, the minimum standards for safe workplace, and bystander intervention.

The certificate is valid and under compliance with all 50 states, including state-specific requirements in California, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maine, and New York.

5. Traliant Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Traliant Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Cost: N/A

Duration: 40 minutes to 2 hours

Traliant takes a bit different approach to sexual harassment prevention training. Instead of having the usual material such as eBooks, quizzes, and videos, Traliant packages the content in a more story-telling fashion.

The gamified approach makes the training more interactive and engaging while meeting the necessary training requirements.  Lessons employ a news-like format with real-life practical examples and illustrations to ensure employees and supervisors develop a positive view.

Like some of the others, Traliant also offers training on different harassment types such as discrimination. Furthermore, employees not present at the workplace, either for Covid 19 or remote reasons, can take the course online.

Some employers must provide industry-specific sexual harassment training. Although general training to avoid sexual harassment in the workplace is enough, many companies search for programs that dig deeper. The most common examples are hotels, restaurants, healthcare, and retail.

Traliant has alternatives for different industries and provides training both for supervisors and employees. Meaning that restaurant or retail store employees and supervisors can take industry-focused training.

If the employers feel the general coaching isn’t enough, they can customize each training page by adding additional material that further covers the company-related policy.

This is great for companies looking to finish required training and provide genuine change to the workplace.

Also, first-timers can take a free trial and, upon completion, move to the paid version.

6. Kantola Sexual Harassment Prevention Training


Cost: $9 to $29 per employee

Duration: 1 to 2 hours

Kantola provides a wide range of training. Besides having employers and employees take the Sexual Harassment Prevention Training, they can also take lessons on diversity, inclusion, conflict resolution, and employment laws.

The program is video-focused with an extensive video library offering real-life examples that help understand what harassment is. The content helps visualize and recognize by providing common examples via human interaction.

With several years of experience, Kantola creates top-quality videos that illustrate what sexual harassment is. They also teach workplace transparency act to their supervisory employees.

Furthermore, if you’re already running a program but feel the program requires visual content, the supervisor can integrate Kantola into the existing program.

The videos come in different formats so that each company can pick the one that meets their requirements. Formats range from live classroom streaming, simplified or interactive learning, and DVDs for in-workplace coaching.

7. Clear Law Institute Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Clear Law Institute Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Cost: N/A

Duration: 45 minutes to 2 hours

Clear Law Institute refreshes its program every year so that employers and employees can stay up-to-date to possible policy and law changes. The program updates on and off, and is free, so there’s no need to pay for the latest changes.

Besides the regular training, companies can also take Covid-19 workplace safety training or unconscious bias training.

The goal isn’t just to inform employees but also to create a healthy change in how workers see each other. What many employers don’t realize is that employees often aren’t aware of each other. Furthermore, both the supervisor and the workforce find difficulty grasping the gray area of what defines a sexual harassment act. The training can help to see each co-worker as a genuine person.

Moreover, Clear Law Institute covers online training course on different harassment types, proactive intervention, and workplace bullying.

An additional helpful feature is that Clear Law Institute also teaches what isn’t sexual harassment. This helps companies avoid filing unnecessary harassment complaints, saving the business time and money.

To further share the understanding, the program focuses on gamification via interactive games.

Upon finishing their training, the team receives a record with statistics to further explore how well each individual has mastered the knowledge.

The program is available in English and Spanish and meets the requirements across all 50 states, including state-specific laws such as in California.

8. NAVEX Global Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Navex Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Cost: N/A

Duration: 30 minutes to 2 hours

NAVEX Global takes participants through the entire process and how to act properly. Instead of just providing knowledge, participants can also learn how to identify and report sexual and other forms of harassment.

Often, just informing isn’t enough as the working staff often fail to take proper steps in a harassment event. The practical approach encourages order and compliance with the necessary policies.

Organizations have the complete freedom to customize their prevention program by adding a code of conduct, distributing their own harassment policy, and plan practical training.

NAVEX Global focuses on creating behavioral expectations in the workplace without forcing the participants to learn without understanding the topic at hand.

Forcing people to learn without understanding can often backfire. Workers may finish the program but go out without compliance. NAVEX Global ensures that doesn’t happen.


When training your employees issues, you can ensure better employee response if you provide them with workplace harassment training handouts. Moreover, provide your employees free harassment training materials to ensure a healthy and happy workplace.

Above are listed some of the best employee sexual harassment training programs for you to scroll and see which one is best for your organization type and needs.


Here’s a list of questions with answers regarding sexual harassment prevention training:

How Often Does My Company Need to Take the Sexual Harassment Prevention Training?

How often do you and your staff need to take the training depends on the state. Some states like Illinois and New York require annual training, while states such as California and Delaware require every two years. Some states don’t require training at all. You should always check with your state’s law to assess how often you need to take training.

Are There Minimum Requirements for Sexual Harassment Training?

If your organization or company needs to conduct training depends on the staff number as well as the state. Some states require all businesses and organizations with over five employees to do the training. In other states, they require above 15 employees.

Do I Need an Instructor for My Staff’s Sexual Harassment Prevention Training?

While you can train both online and in-person, there isn’t a requirement for an instructor. What is crucial is that staff takes active participation in the course. Fortunately, most courses have engaging exams and questions to ensure that the staff masters the course.


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