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Efficient communication with employees is essential to running a successful business, no matter how small or large it might be. The employee must understand the organization’s expectations and its broader strategies, goals, and policies. They also have to be clear about their responsibilities and authority.

However, many businesses fail to provide such crucial information that an employee needs to become an effective team member. In many cases, this is because all of it is scattered and inaccessible in proper written form. This is why organizations invest in creating employee handbooks as the primary reference material for an employee.

An employee handbook is customized as per the company’s preferences. However, there are several employee handbook templates available too. Organizations can utilize any of the templates, make the necessary changes, and publish it as their own employee handbook. 

The employee handbook is a handy guide that makes it easier to understand how the organization operates, what they expect from their employees, and important rules and regulations. Curious about what a top-quality employee handbook contains and how different companies shape their handbooks? Read on to get your questions answered and find out various employee handbook examples.

What Does a Basic Employee Handbook Include?

Employee handbooks have become standard across organizations from various industries. Smaller businesses have shorter handbooks since they have less complex processes and policies. On the other hand, larger enterprises have elaborate and lengthy employee handbooks detailing each piece of official corporate procedures.

The most basic employee handbook needs to contain the employee’s rights and the organization’s policies on matters such as intellectual property, accepted professional behavior, employee health, and attendance. An employee handbook should also provide information about important work processes such as reporting complaints regarding harassment and unprofessional conduct and who to report them to.

You can also include information about the organization’s working hours, paid and unpaid leaves, and sick days. Some companies also add details about their fringe benefits such as medical insurance, coverage of employee expenses, and international trips.

Employee Handbook Benefits

The employee handbook is there to benefit both the employer and the employee. It ensures both parties are on the same page about policies and regulations. Therefore, it helps the employee perform better individually and contribute to becoming a crucial workforce member. 

If an organization is wondering whether or not they should draft their own employee handbook, here are some advantages of having one.

Thorough Introduction to the Company

The impression of the organization on new employees is crucial. After all, the employee is a part of the organization now and needs to realize their duty. Therefore, the individual must understand the company’s values, strategies, goals, work environment, and mission statement. 

One of the basic purposes of creating an employee handbook is to educate new hires about the organization regarding the culture and work environment. The handbook also ensures they feel welcomed and know the rights and benefits the company is providing them. 

The employee handbook also provides an overview of the organization’s history and vision. It establishes how seriously it takes the established policies and how professional its processes are. Additionally, the employee handbook informs employees how well-thought-out the organization’s human resources strategy is and how determined it is to become a trusted employer. Such factors can make or break the organization’s image in front of employees and impact their loyalty to the employer. 

Limits Liability 

An employee handbook is an exclusion clause that can help protect a company in many situations. If an employee wants to file a claim for compensation regarding a false claim or anything that the company is not responsible for, providing a handbook that mitigates certain liabilities is evidence that the codified document informed the employee regarding when compensation is available. 

Creates Accountability

Accountability is essential for creating a healthy work environment where employees feel safe. Thankfully, the employee handbook ensures accountability across all company employees. After all, it establishes that the organization’s policies and regulations apply to everyone. Therefore, all employees are accountable for their actions, whether interns, junior employees, or even managers.

Increases Productivity

A well-informed employee works more productively than an employee who does not know the company’s policies, work culture, and other essential information. Additionally, an uninformed employee can cause disorganization than those aware of how the company operates, what it expects from the employees, and its rules and regulations. 

Ensures Consistency

One of the advantages of providing an employee handbook is that the organization establishes that it expects compliance and consistency. A lack of consistent behavior can create chaos and ruin the work environment and relationships among colleagues, which is one thing every company wants to avoid. 

Thus, providing an employee handbook and implementing everything written in it is significant to a company’s growth and healthy atmosphere. After all, it ensures equality and that employees follow the rules and policies.

Makes Employees Feel Protected 

A quality employee handbook has a section dedicated to discussing employees’ safety because that is one of the primary concerns of people working in any industry. It is especially the case for jobs that involve construction or the use of potentially dangerous machinery. 

The protection policies should include what the company does to ensure an employee’s protection in terms of safety training for using technology, providing safety gear for risky tasks, and anything else that the company may deem fit. Such policies help employees feel secure and that the organization looks out for them.

Well-Drafted Employee Handbook Features

The design and final drafting of an organization’s employee handbook are crucial. Mainly, the company must ensure the manual includes all the information they would expect the employee to know. Even small businesses with a handful of employees benefit from an employee handbook, but it needs to be well-drafted.

Some features that a well-drafted employee handbook must have are given below. 

Simple Language

An effective employee handbook’s language must be simple and easy to understand. It doesn’t expect the readers to have masterful comprehension skills and uses technical terms sparingly. Such an employee handbook improves employee engagement by ensuring they read and understand all the important information.

Precise and Clear 

According to research from GuideSpark, 43% of generation Y do not read the complete employee handbook, and 11% have never even opened it. This is because in many cases, the handbook is not well-written. Such handbooks are filled with long and complex paragraphs explaining the expectations of a company from their employees. Most employees end up not going through such an employee handbook at all. 

A well-written employee handbook communicates rules and policies precisely and straightforwardly. While it is essential for the handbook to be to the point, a company must not sacrifice proper communication for preciseness. For example, if a specific topic requires elaboration, the employee handbook must have all the necessary details. 

Includes All Important Details 

Many companies mistake leaving out essential details, which can lead to problems. A well-drafted employee handbook must include everything a company believes the employee should know. 

It would be beneficial to consult a documentation expert in this matter because they can help include all policies they deem fit for the company’s employee handbook. In addition, of course, a multitude of employee handbook templates available on the internet can be referred to when required.

Company Expectations

Company expectations are a crucial feature of every employee handbook because it gives employees a better idea of the goals that the company plans to achieve. That helps them work towards adding value to the company in a helpful way and aids productivity. 

Most companies include this part at the beginning of an employee handbook to set the expectations for the following regulations and policies. It is also a great strategy to communicate expectations at the start because it emphasizes a company’s priorities.

Legal Policies 

Including legal policies in an employee handbook, regardless of company size, is necessary. This is because employees working at a small or big company can always file a claim in case of an incident. After all, the company has to protect itself from all the legal proceedings, finances spent on a legal team or lawyer, and court fees.

Therefore, including all the critical legal policies in the employee handbook is helpful for the company.  

Perks and Benefits 

The company’s employee handbook also includes employee benefits and perks. If the manual only includes what the company wants and its expectations, it is likely that the employee might skim through it or not read it at all. Therefore, adding benefits that the company has such as medical insurance, work from home, leaves, bonuses, and any other perks that the company provides to the handbook is crucial. 

Including Equal Opportunities 

Providing benefits to a specific group of people at the company can discourage the other employees from working for a company. Therefore, a well-written employee handbook communicates that the organization provides everyone with equal opportunities and encourages employees to work hard for their success and the company’s growth. 

Equal opportunities refer to policies like equal pay for men and women and regulations applying to each employee, no matter what position they are working at in the company. Moreover, equal opportunities can also include promotions for all the employees when they have performed excellently. 


One of the most noticeable features of a well-drafted employee handbook is that it sounds professional without having complex terms. After all, the employee handbook is an official document of the organization, and the impression it generates for the company must be professional.

However, many organizations fail to realize that it is vital to implement everything written in the employee handbook, which is also part of cultivating professionalism. For example, suppose the company does not implement the employee handbook, especially the policies and company values. In that case, the employees might not pay much heed to it, which could lead to them not consistently following the rules.

Sample Employee Handbook Template

Drafting an employee handbook through a template is the best way to go about it because it ensures that the company does not leave out any crucial details. Here is a template that can assist small and large organizations as they draft an employee handbook.

Employee Handbook Template 1:

  • Company’s Mission and Goals 

Kahn and company were founded by John Kahn in 1933 when Mr.Kahn was 27 years old. With only $500 to his name, he initially went door to door to provide his services for free. However, once his clientele increased, he charged a small fee for his work as a carpenter. 

Mr. Kahn’s excellent skills and dedication helped Kahn and Company grow so quickly that he hired 50 employees in his first year of starting the company. Mr. Kahn’s goal was to provide the world with the best carpenters at a reasonable cost. Soon his company started operating in the other parts of the world, which created many job opportunities and helped polish many employees’ skills with training and guidance. 

  • Uniform 

Kahn and company provide t-shirts free of charge to all the employees, which the workers must wear at all times when they are at the job. Every employee receives two t-shirts. If an employee requires another one because their current one has worn out, a new one is free of cost. 

  • Responsibilities 

As a carpenter representing Kahn and Company, you must assist the customers in every possible way. You must be polite and patient with them while ensuring that you get their job done as close to their liking as possible. 

You must not behave rudely with any of our clients; however, if a customer has misbehaved with you, you can report it to our HR department, and we take care of it from there on. It is your responsibility to inform your superior if a client wants to put an end to work in the middle of the job. 

  • Policy Against Workplace Violence and Harassment 

If an employee has experienced violence or harassment from another company employee, they must report it to the HR department as soon as possible. The HR department would then investigate the matter further. 

We have a strict no-tolerance policy against discrimination based on sex, race, or other factors. Employees who harass or assault other company workers are dealt with very strictly. 

  • Salary 

Every company employee receives their salary on the 5th of every month. Employees can choose from payment methods such as a wire transfer or cheque. In usual circumstances, we also accommodate employees if they want to receive their salary in cash (Terms and Conditions apply).

  • Bonuses and Benefits

Employees receive bonuses at the end of the financial year, which is 16th September, contingent on their job performance. The bonuses are subject to the company’s performance during the year and may vary or remain undistributed if the company is not performing well financially. 

Benefits for the employees include medical insurance, which applies to all medical bills under $6000 per year. Other benefits include the transfer of the employee to another part of the world where our company operates, providing all the travel expenses. Furthermore, every two years we fly all our employees to France for training and the company covers all the costs.

  • Legal Policies

We provide all the necessary safety gear to all our employees, who are responsible for wearing it while working. However, in case of an accident due to the employee’s negligence in not wearing the provided safety gear, we shall not be held responsible for it. 

If an employee has to be laid off by our company, we shall provide them a three weeks’ notice. The employee must attend work until the notice period is over. If the employee fails to show up during the notice period, we shall take legal action against them.

  • Paid Leaves and Sick Days 

We provide every employee with 15 paid and ten sick leaves per year, during which the company will not deduct any amount from the salary. If employees want to take their paid leaves all at once, they must inform their supervisor a week priorly. 

  • Resignation and Termination

Employees who wish to resign must turn in their resignation letter three weeks before leaving their job. The three weeks is a notice period during which the employee must come to work. Once that is over, the employee must return all the supplies he received from the company, including the uniform. 

If the company terminates an employee, their notice period is four weeks, during which they must come to work. However, suppose the termination occurs while a project is ongoing. If the manager believes it is in the customers’ best interest that the worker keeps working, they may extend the employee’s notice period. 

Employee Handbook Template 2:

Company’s Vision

Jace and Jack is a company founded by two brothers after the second World War. Times were tough at the beginning, and Mr. Jace and Mr. Jack were nervous about whether the company would survive or not. However, today after 70+ years, the company has many franchises around the world, and we’re considered the world’s 3rd highest manufacturer of soaps, colognes, and shampoos. We take pride in manufacturing only the highest quality products that our customers deserve. 

Our mission is to take our company to many more parts of the world and create job opportunities, especially in developing and underdeveloped countries. 

Job Expectations

We believe that good communication between the employer and employee is quite crucial. Therefore, every few years, we update our employee’s handbook to make the necessary changes to stay connected and updated with this quickly changing world. 

All our employees must reach the workplace by 9 am and mark their attendance through the biometric readers. Employees who fail to do that will be considered absent for that working day. 

All the new employees will undergo a period of training during which they are not supposed to involve themselves in any official work. If a manager asks an employee under-training to complete a task that an already trained employee can do, they must report it to the HR department. 

It is expected of all senior employees to attend the annual meeting that takes place at the end of every financial year. During the meeting, the company discusses employees’ performance and informs them what the company performed well throughout the year and what still needs improvement. 

The annual meeting also focuses on the company’s goals for the next year, an essential knowledge the employees must be aware of to achieve. If an employee has any ideas they want to put forward to achieve the company’s goals, they must come up with proper research to back their suggestions. 


Jace and Jack have their in-house legal department that deals with the company’s legal work. They will assist the company and its employees whenever required. 

We have a uncompromisable confidentiality clause requiring all employees not to share company data with anyone outside the company. If an employee fails to comply with the confidentiality clause, the company has the right to terminate their employment and file a claim against them.

If an employee harasses or is violent towards another employee, the company has the right to act against them. An action could include termination of employment, demotion, or any other activity the company may deem fit. 


Every employee will receive their paycheck on the 7th of every month. The pay will not include any bonuses to which the employees may be entitled, but just the monthly compensation. If an employee has received a raise a week before the paycheck arrives, they receive the raised pay. However, the employee receives the updated salary in the forthcoming month.  

Employees have the right to choose the mode of payment. The current method of payments that we offer includes bank transfers and Paypal.


Every year, the company awards bonuses to employees who have performed well. If an employee has not received a bonus, it could mean their performance was not up to the mark. 

These bonuses are handed out at the end of the company’s financial year and through bank transfer only. 

Fringe Benefits

The company provides loans to senior employees and their children for higher education. These loans are repayable with 4% interest five years after the student’s graduation. Other benefits include covering transportation costs for employees who do not own a vehicle and travel in public transport, along with providing all employees with health insurance. 

At Jace and Jack, we believe it is vital to take care of the employees to ensure they are loyal to the company and their productivity increases. Therefore, another benefit we provide to our employees is covering their accommodation costs once the employee completes 15 years with the company. 


All employees are allowed 13 paid leaves and eight sick days a year. If an employee has taken more leaves, the company deducts 0.34% of the total amount per leave from the pay. For sick leaves, the employee must inform a manager immediately, and for a paid leave, a day before. 

If employees have not utilized their paid leaves throughout the year, they can ask to receive 1% of their pay per leave. In addition, the employees will receive nine months of maternity leave and six months of paternity leave. If the employee requires a more extended leave, they can apply with the HR department, and the company then considers granting it if possible. 


All employees are required to come to work in formal dressing. Employees are allowed casual dressing if the company works on an off day. Formal dressing includes:

  • For men: plain shirt with pants and a tie (religious clothing is allowed)
  • For women: plain shirt with a long skirt (religious clothing is allowed) 


Jace and Jack have a strict policy against the misconduct of any sort, including misbehaving with a colleague, a senior manager, an intern, a janitor, or anyone else who is part of the company. 

If an employee disobeys this policy, the company will take strict action against them. Harassment of any kind, including sexual violence due to religion, caste, race, gender, or any other reason, is strictly prohibited and will be dealt with seriousness. 

Work Hours

Our work hours are flexible, and we allow our employees to work from home aside from days when there is a progress meeting during which we discuss the week’s progress, any setbacks faced, and how we can overcome them. 

We also require that aside from the meeting days, employees report to the workplace every day by way of a 15-minute video meeting in which they discuss any queries or ask questions from their manager and also update them about work. 

The 15-minute meeting is at the manager’s discretion. However, the managers believe it is essential for them to receive information daily regarding work progress. 

Termination of Employment/Resignation

The company holds the right to terminate employees who fail to fulfill their job responsibilities. Every employee receives a job description document before and during the onboarding process. If an employee consistently fails to adhere to his job requirements, the organization terminates their employment. 

If an employee harms another company employee, the company holds the right to end their employment immediately. Any kind of harassment or violence is strictly intolerable at our company. 

Employees who wish to resign are responsible for informing the company three weeks before the resignation date. Then, the resigning employee can refer someone for their position to the HR department. After that, however, it is up to them whether or not they decide if the referred candidate is suitable for the post. 

Transfer to Another Branch

Suppose an employee wishes to be transferred to another company branch, whether to a local or international department. In that case, they must submit a transfer form and reasons for wanting a transfer. 

The HR department will look into the matter. The employee’s performance, work history, and period of employment will be essential factors in deciding if they should receive a transfer. 

Employee Handbook Template 3:

Who are we?

Joe William Brothers have been a manufacturer of car tires since 2003. We specialize in manufacturing luxury car tires of the most superior quality to ensure that our customers se it as the best possible product in the market. 

Joe William Brothers was a company founded by Joseph Jaz and William Sharma, two college dropouts who love cars. The company was established to provide the best quality tires to luxury car owners and a product that would last much longer than the available options in the market. 

What Are the Company’s Expectations of Employees?  

Employees are a significant part of a company, and their performance affects the company to a great extent. One of the crucial parts of employees performing well is knowing the company’s expectations. Therefore here are some expectations our company has from all our employees:

  • We believe in equal opportunities; therefore, we ensure that all employees are treated and receive the same options. In return, we expect hard work, consistency, and dedication to one’s job. We reward every achievement our employees help bring to the company. 
  • We expect punctuality at meetings and company events. Our policies include flexible work hours, and we do not bother our employees to work during certain hours as long as they get the job done just the way it should be. However, when it comes to team meetings and events, we expect our employees to arrive on time as they represent our company. 
  • Any employees who want to file a complaint regarding discrimination, harassment, or violence can contact our HR department, which will look into the matter. The safety of our employees is extremely vital to us, which is why our HR department prioritizes every complaint. 

What Are the Working Hours?

At Joe William Brothers, we do not believe in enforcing work hours on our employees. Instead, our company works 24/7, which means that every employee works at their preferred hours unless we hold a meeting or there is an urgent task that requires immediate attention. 

As long as employees progress daily, we encourage them to work on their preferred hours. We also encourage work from home for those employees who are not required to come to work to do their job. However, there are some occasions where we need every employee’s presence at our work premises. 

Do We Have Policies to Protect Our Employees From Harassment?

Joe William Brothers does not tolerate any form of harassment, whether physical or vocal. We encourage a peaceful and healthy work environment, and any negative behavior is intolerable. Any employee can approach the department to file a complaint about any company employee, no matter what their position is in the company. 

Does Joe William Brothers Grant a Loan to Their Employees? 

One of the benefits of working at Joe William Brothers is that we provide loans for many things, such as buying a house, a car, or higher education, as long as the employee meets specific requirements. 

How Many Leaves Do the Employees Have in a Year?

At Joe William Brothers, we provide 20 paid leaves and ten sick days every year to our employees, during which the employee’s salary will not face any impact. However, we require that the employees inform in advance when taking a planned leave and if the leave is unplanned, then inform as soon as possible. 

When Do the Employees Receive Salaries?

We give out salaries on the 3rd of each month. If an employee requires a pay advance, we also provide that after the employee provides a legitimate reason for wanting the salary in advance. The advance cannot be more than 50% of the total salary. 

What Are the Legal Policies of Our Company? 

The legal policies include; 

  • An employee cannot file a claim against us regarding payment of full salary in advance. 
  • For employees directly involved in the manufacturing of the tires and working with company equipment, we follow all the safety protocols to protect them; however, if they were to get injured due to their negligence, we shall not be held responsible for it. 
  • An employee could not file a claim against us for wrongful termination if the termination were due to inadequate workplace performance. 

The company deals with all kinds of fraud strictly, and we have the right to sue an employee and terminate their employment if they breach the employee contract. Our company’s legal team is well-versed in following every employment law and managing our legal obligations effectively.

What Are the Policies Regarding Employee Resignation and Termination by the Company?

We require that all employees in their probation period must provide a two-week notice before the resignation process initiates. Meanwhile, permanent employees must inform six weeks priorly. 

On the other hand, if the company terminates an employee in their probation period, their notice period is for two weeks, after which they will no longer be considered an employee. However, if the employee is a permanent one, he will receive a notice period of 4 weeks, after which they will no longer be considered an employee of Joe William Brothers.


A workforce that believes they belong at their workplace contributes more enthusiastically than unsatisfied employees or those not adequately involved with their work environment. After all, a healthy work atmosphere assists employees in growth and ensures the company’s success. While friendly colleagues and a safe workplace are essential to a healthy work environment, the organization must also provide consistent guidance to employees.

An employee handbook is an important document for a company and educates about the company history. It also establishes the rules and company policies for the employees to follow. It helps ensure a great professional relationship between an organization and its workforce. Additionally, a dedicated employee manual helps inform employees about how they are an essential part of the company. 

Drafting a great employee handbook is not that complicated. Instead, it requires attention to detail, and it needs to talk about the benefit of the company and the employees equally. As explained previously, it is also essential that the employee handbook is precise and clear so that the reader does not lose interest and is willing to read the whole manual. 

If a company intelligently drafts an employee handbook while considering all the necessary factors, it would only require amendments during future updates instead of changing the whole text. While an expert can help organizations prepare quality employee handbooks, the company can also use a handbook template like the ones given above and just add the necessary details to the guide. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s a list of common questions about employee handbook templates.

How Are the Employee Handbook Examples Helpful?

Employee handbook examples help organizations understand what policies must become part of the employee manual. Companies can then ensure that employees are aware of all the necessary information. It also helps keep the organization safe from liability brought by any legal claims initiated by a company employee. 

Should the Handbook Focus on Employee Health?

Employees are pillars of a company, and providing them with every benefit is essential as it is part of employees’ rights. For example, a company focuses on employees’ health, such as providing sick days, medical insurance, and early leaves if the employee is unwell. 

This encourages employees to work hard and be more productive because the employer(s) treats them well. Therefore, the employee handbook should have all the information to protect employees’ physical and mental health.

Can a Smartly Drafted Employee Handbook Help With Employee Retention?

The employee handbook features all the incentives the organization provides to the employees, which can help with employee retention. For example, an organization can increase employee retention rates by showing they care for the employee and the employee benefits in the employee manual are well-thought-out. 

However, simply mentioning benefits is not enough, and the organization must ensure that it delivers the benefits and security it promises. By being straightforward with employees about the company culture and implementing the policies they promise, organizations can ensure that the employee stay for longer.


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