Best Employee Onboarding Software 2024: Reviews and Pricing

Looking for the best employee onboarding software? Keep on reading then.

As an HR professional, you are tasked with the responsibility of onboarding new employees. It can become a daunting task for even the most experienced human resource manager. However, there is one thing that can make the overall HR processes easier – employee onboarding software.

With an onboarding software system in place at your company, your HR department and hiring managers will have access to several features and benefits that will help you streamline the process and better serve your new hires.

To help you find the right solution, we have compiled a list of the best employee onboarding software products 2024 has to offer based on their pricing plans, ease of use/setup, and overall functionality.

The Best Onboarding Software 2024: Reviews and Pricing

One of the more essential tools that a company should have in its arsenal today is to manage the current workforce and facilitate the new hire onboarding process. It is done by the use of onboarding tools.


Because they provide an excellent way to help new employees succeed with speed and ease while also giving veteran staff members access to training resources they need when onboarding or offloading people at any point during employment.

Employee retention! With all the incredible benefits you can provide your workforce by implementing such employee onboarding software solutions, companies can expect increased productivity from every employee on board. That will lead to higher profits and lower turnover rates as well as reduced recruitment fees.

Benefits of using HR onboarding solutions

Therefore, it is time to automate HR functions and give your HR department the speed they deserve. Below is provided a list of employee onboarding tools that you can go through:

1. BambooHR

Before anything else, this Human Capital Management (HCM) solution is famous on the web for many reasons.

But, why all this hype? The reason being its suitability for both small businesses and larger ones.

BambooHR is a digital employee onboarding software that streamlines the HR process for hiring, employee onboarding, and managing employees. It offers employee time tracking, payroll processing (including direct deposit), benefits administration, leave management, performance review schedule, company-wide announcements to staff members through an intranet portal system, and much more.

The basic package includes HR management, employee self-service, and email support; the advanced one offers employee onboarding features like an applicant tracking system as well as offboarding functionality such as customized workflows and advanced reporting tools.


This company has two packages: Essentials (available at a lower cost) and Advantage. The former provides most human resource functions, including staff administration, while not giving any assistance on new employee onboarding nor getting rid of old ones via customizable workflows. On the other hand, the latter package – Advantage – is packed with features.

Please visit BambooHR for more info on the 7-day free trial.


  • Consistent, detailed reporting
  • Customizable workflows and advanced reporting tools
  • Open API
  • 7-day free trial


  • For HR management
  • Open API but not user-friendly
  • Expensive package

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2. Lessonly LLC

Lessonly – the 2nd tool with onboarding capabilities on our list is a global leader in HR tools and employee engagement software. Their award-winning products are used by the world’s leading companies to manage their people, attract talent, drive performance, and simplify compliance. Founded in 2012, they are headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States.

The LessonlyHR product suite makes certain HR functions such as Performance Management; Talent Acquisition & Hiring Intelligence; Financial Planning/Pension Administration (Finance); Employee Engagement; and, Coaching Functionality seamless.

They also offer an API for integration into other platforms as well as Enterprise License Agreements enabling larger organizations to buy licenses at a significant discount but without a single sign-on authentication.


If you’re looking to grow your team members but don’t want the headaches of email, Lessonly has just what you need.

With multiple subscription plans available – Pro, Pro + Coaching, Enterprise Learning for Growing Teams – each is tailored to fit your needs at a price that won’t break the bank (unless it’s already broken). Contact them by phone or through their website with any questions!


  • Lessonly offers the perfect solution for hiring managers to onboard new hires
  • With their plans tailored to different needs and at a price that won’t break the bank, this platform is one of the best all-around options available


  • Smaller businesses might not need as many features or resources from the software
  • Lack of import and export capabilities might become an issue for some businesses

3. Zenefits

Zenefits is next on our list of tools with onboarding capabilities because it’s great software for small businesses. With their easy-to-use system, you’ll never miss an important deadline again!

Employee onboarding is one of the standout features of this HCM platform. It’s also easy to use for any level of skill. The software is designed with the small business owner in mind so the price point is not of much concern.

Once you get it up and running, you’ll have access to a full suite of HR resources and features that will keep both you and your employees organized.

Without much onboarding experience, you can automate onboarding tasks with onboarding software. Moreover, you get Core HR, Time and Scheduling, Integrations, and Mobile App as common features among all of their packages.


Their site lists three packages – Essentials, Growth, and Zen. The best part about these packages is that the features within each are scalable with your business size – whether you have one employee or hundreds of them.

With growth being their most popular package, their prices account for $8, $14, and $21 per employee per month.

Employee onboarding is a critical step in an employee lifecycle, and it all starts with this too.

To find out more about Zenefits, check out their website or request a free trial today!


  • Simple and intuitive interface with clear instructions on every screen
  • Assign different tasks to different task owners based on skillset or availability (all in one place)
  • Seamless integration with other programs like Outlook and Excel


  • Few customizable options
  • Is confusing if not set up right from the start

4. WorkBright

Next, we have WorkBright, a complete onboarding solution for small and medium-sized businesses. This software means HR professionals can say goodbye to managing paperwork and paper forms altogether. Onboarding takes place along with the submission of their certificates, documents, and other pre-boarding material.

Employee onboarding checklist

The software provides everything you need to manage new hires – tracking their progress; managing training programs; and, providing customization options for different departments in the company.

One of its most popular features is automatic notifications that keep managers up-to-date on how employees are performing.


You may get a custom quote along with other information by visiting their site and filling up a form.


  • Ideal for small businesses with tight budgets
  • Includes a robust candidate screening module
  • Affordable
  • Easy to customize settings based on department needs
  • Workspaces are provided so workers can communicate with each other about projects they’re working on together


  • Limited integrations with other software packages
  • Needs more templates for reports and project management

 5. iSolved

Another digital employee onboarding software is iSolved HR. This onboarding tool offers both onboarding and offboarding of employees, which you can automate to reduce the need for human intervention in these onboarding processes.

A new hire is assigned a buddy who will work with them on their first day at the company and answer any questions that they may have about policies or procedures.

The system also provides a list of training videos to help new workers get accustomed to workplace culture.

Based on department needs, managers can customize settings such as recruitment preferences, goals tracking methods, expense approval limits, etc.

The software comes equipped with an e-signature feature so you can sign documents during onboarding instead of printing out paper copies.

It also allows users to upload files such as resumes, cover letters, and other employment-related documents.


You’re probably thinking to yourself, “how expensive will this be?” Well, they’ve got a calculator that can help you estimate how much money you’ll save by investing in their platform! You won’t regret it. Visit here.


  • Seamless talent acquisition process
  • Save money on recruitment and training
  • Eliminates the headache of paperwork, filing, and storage space


  • Have to download new software for each employee or group you have
  • Non-disclosure of prices and packages

 6. ClearCompany

Known for its keen eye, ClearCompany is a leading provider of employee onboarding and talent management solutions.

ClearCompany makes sure to implement the best practices in ensuring that your organization’s workforce has an excellent onboarding experience from day one — which includes everything from orientation training, benefits administration, payroll service integration, and a centralized timekeeping system for employees and managers alike.

Over 2000 businesses use this platform to ensure that their onboarding experience is a success, and can help them to reduce the risk of turnover.


ClearCompany provides various packages with different price ranges. You can give them a call to check out plans that suit your organization the most. Instead of paying for the whole software, you also have the option to pay for individual modules.


  • Beneficial to the HR platform when it comes to reducing turnover.
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Healthy ROI
  • Mobile-friendly


  • Requires installation on-premises or in the cloud, depending on what you prefer

How to Choose the Right Onboarding Software?

Here is the step-by-step guide for you to know how to choose the right onboarding software:

  • Step One: Assess the entire process of employee onboarding. What are your goals? Do you want better employee data gathering and analysis, or is the goal to improve communication between departments? Another consideration is if you require a culture shift.
  • Step Two: Determine which features will make work easier for HR. Would they like online training sessions for new employees, or do they need more room on their dashboard to store all information? When it comes down to it, every company has different priorities. Some companies may just need an onboarding module and not the whole system.
  • Step Three: Budget considerations. If your budget is limited, then you may need to look at free HR onboarding software or inexpensive options.
  • Step Four: Evaluate the compatibility of different onboarding solutions brands with other applications that you have in place. It includes but is not limited to HRIS systems and payroll providers.
  • Step Five: While talking to their customer service, they must send you the vibes of dependability and reliability. Make sure that the customer service is available on a 24/365 basis in case any issues come up with their HR software.
  • Step Six: Keep an eye out for features like video conferencing, mobile app support, compliance tracking tools, and employee surveys (when it comes to remote employees).


A new employee doesn’t deserve to deal with rough patches, and instead, they have the right to go through a hiccup-free onboarding process. That’s the whole point of onboarding software. It is at the onboarding stage when people first interact with your business, and it’s the time to leave a long-lasting impression.

Hence, you don’t have to be a genius to figure this thing out; bring your HR team at par with international standards as quickly as you can.

All the stages the new hires have to go through should be systematic. And, that’s when the best software comes in handy! It boosts employee experience on any given day.

Research proves that this initial stage of hiring decides how long new hires will continue to work there. If they had to pass through a rough hiring process, it doesn’t end well for the company in terms of long-term asset building.

The best employee onboarding tool will help you set up a systematic process, and thus, the hiring stage would become a breeze. Some of the onboarding software come with an HR platform that has all the necessary features to track progress


Here is of questions that learners ask about employee onboarding tools:

What is Employee Onboarding Software?

Onboarding software is a tool that helps onboarding new hires become part of the company’s existing employees so they get to know each other. New employees may feel overwhelmed by the whole onboarding process of starting at a new company, so an onboarding software system can help them navigate through all of the necessary steps in one place.

The application will also work for you when setting up new employee accounts or giving them access to essential documents like HR manuals, employee handbooks, and forms.

Once they have been set up, one of the ways that this type of program can benefit your organization is that it makes sure new hires have completed every step in the onboarding process before moving on to another task – which speeds things up.

They also track performance aspects, which means that you can assure that new hires are getting the training to excel at their jobs and will know when it’s time for them to advance in their careers.

The onboarding system includes a variety of features depending on your needs. From automated HR workflows with preconfigured steps to custom workflows, they assist new employees and businesses. Some of them come with elaborate payroll integrations, benefits administration, applicant tracking, and performance management features alongside onboarding functionality.

Why Do I Need an Onboarding Solution?

It’s better to stay equipped with an onboarding platform or HR software because:

  • It saves time and turnover rates for new hires
  • It is the onboarding workflow that you can customize for the specific needs of the company.
  • It’s an easy way for performance and attendance tracking.
  • It may have benefits administration, payroll integrations, and more.

Which Employee Onboarding System Should I Use?

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution. It depends on your business needs as well as how long you want to invest in getting started before generating an initial ROI. It is too short of an answer, but that’s the best answer I can give.

If you are already sourcing the payroll function, you could go for a tool with the feature of payroll integration.

How Much Does it Cost to Automate the Employee Onboarding Process?

This depends on the budget you have set and the features you need. If you have a low volume of employees, consider trying the option that costs less. If you have a large business, you can go for another option that caters to a greater volume of employees. It is time to get your workforce plan automated with any of the above-mentioned software tools.

What are the Best Practices for Effective Onboarding?

Follow these best practices here:

  • Make sure onboarding is done well, and the employee understands not only their new job but also how they can contribute to your company’s culture
  • Create a welcoming environment for them so that they feel valued and empowered from day one of employment with you
  • Involve management in this process so you can offer support, answer questions, and dispense vibes of confidence among the newbies

Why Should I Replace the Manual Onboarding Process with a Digital One?

Replace the manual onboarding process with digital onboarding software for the following reasons:

  • Reduce the risk of missing important steps in the onboarding process
  • Save time and effort
  • Improve accuracy of information needed for new hires
  • Revolutionary value in HR tech
  • Boost productivity
  • Self-service

Can I Use a Free Employee Onboarding Solution?

Yes, but it is not as effective when you need to scale. It is best to use a free onboarding solution if you are a startup or want to give HR technology a try.

Why Should I Use an Employee Onboarding Software?

Onboarding software is a great solution for any company – it’s not just for big multinationals!

Companies and industries of all sizes use onboarding tools. It is a universal solution that offers the best features and functionality needed to help your organization succeed in today’s competitive business environment.

Companies looking to grow their workforce should consider using an Onboarding Software Solution from experienced vendors or another provider of their choice.


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