How to Write HR Specialist Cover Letter

HR University’s career guide intends to help you excel in the HR specialist career. This article contains a thorough overview of creating an exceptional HR specialist cover letter to increase your chances of passing the application process towards the interview round. In addition, the article contains a few samples and templates for you to create an outstanding HR specialist cover letter.

What Are HR Specialist Cover Letters?

An HR specialist cover letter is a brief but critical document that helps employers shortlist potential candidates for the role. A cover letter must focus on your most relevant credentials, skills, and achievements.

A cover letter aims to add value to your job application. It helps the recruiter identify your core skills and experiences that can add value to the HR specialist role. Ensure that you don’t replicate all the content from the resume to the cover letter, but it should highlight the most relevant experiences. 

A Step-by-Step Guide to Create an HR Specialist Cover Letter

This section will outline the best practices and steps to help you produce an excellent HR specialist cover letter.

Before drafting your HR specialist cover letter, make sure you take care of these important points:

Conduct Research

Before writing your cover letter, look into the company’s vision and values. This will help you add relevant skills and experiences that fulfill the company’s ideal candidate criteria. 

Be Specific

If you are applying to various companies, draft a specific HR specialist cover letter relevant to each company’s job description. A standard and repetitive cover letter won’t stand out or engage the hiring manager.

Stick to the 2 C’s

Hiring managers don’t have time to read through several pages with numerous applications and cover letters to review. Ensure to keep your cover letter CLEAR and CONCISE – limited to a single page and featuring your relevant success-defining expertise and experiences in handling the required roles and responsibilities.

Keep it Simple

Don’t spend much time making the cover letter look fancy. Stick to a simple format; pick a standard font, and keep the language simple. Anything complicated can lower the significance of your cover letter and make you appear an amateur to the employer.

Include Unique Information

Suppose you are a fresh graduate or are new to the role with relatively little or no experience. In that case, you can make your cover letter appealing by mentioning academic achievements, transferable skills, prominent internships, and training programs.

Edit and Proofread

Once your cover letter is complete, proofread it carefully for spelling, grammatical, and structural mistakes. Then, you can either edit it yourself or have your friends, peers, or seniors review and finalize it for you. In addition, you can use online grammar-checking tools such as Grammarly

What is the Purpose of an HR Specialist Cover Letter?

A cover letter guides the hiring manager to move further with your application to the next stage. You can use your cover to highlight the most prominent and relevant skills, experiences, and accomplishments as an HR specialist. 

A winning HR specialist’s cover letter answers the following questions:

  • Why are you a suitable candidate for the role? 
  • What is your motivation for an HR specialist career? 
  • What interests you about the company? 

Basic Outline for an HR Specialist Cover Letter

An HR specialist’s cover letter must have the following structure (in order):

  1. Professional header (your name and contact information)
  2. Date
  3. The hiring manager’s details (name and designation)
  4. The company’s details (name and address)
  5. Introductory paragraph
  6. Main body 
  7. Conclusion
  8. Sign off (signature, name, and contact information)

What to Include In Your HR Specialist Cover Letter?


Mention your full name in the top-left-hand corner of the header. You can mention your personal information (contact number, email address, LinkedIn profile, and your personal website’s URL). After your personal information, add the date.

Introductory Paragraph

Open the letter with ‘Dear Mr./Dear Ms.’ or the hiring person’s name. You can find the hiring person’s name in the job description or on the company website. 

Begin the starting paragraph by stating the position you are applying for. Lead on with a hook to engage the hiring manager from the first sentence. For instance, share an exceptional professional achievement/skill to grab the reader’s attention. 

Main Body

Personalize your cover letter according to the job description. Make sure you:

  • Specify and emphasize your expertise and experience
  • Assure the hiring manager about your ability to handle challenging situations and enforce human resources strategies
  • Highlight your seamless track record
  • Talk about essential aspects of HR specialist job requirements and human resource management, such as performance management, employee development, and more
  • Mention authentic metrics to certify your accomplishments
  • State any relevant certifications or training you have 


End with a closing paragraph (2-3 lines) stating your excitement about the potential role and the company. You can share your admiration for the company’s values and culture and that your skills can add value to the organization. 

Signing Off

End the letter with ‘Best Regards’ or ‘Yours Sincerely,’ and write/sign your full name. Include a digital signature.

Formatting Guidelines

  • Margins: One inch on both sides
  • Line-spacing: Single
  • Font Size: 12
  • Font: Simple (e.g., Calibri or Times News Roman)

HR Specialist Cover Letter Examples

Now let’s look at some samples of an HR specialist cover letter.

Example #1

Dear [Hiring Manager]

Monitoring human resource functions is my motivation, and I am thrilled to know about the HR specialist vacancy at ABC Company. As an experienced, determined, and qualified candidate, I believe my expertise in the field will lead ABC Company’s HR department to success. 

In my current role as an HR specialist, my responsibilities are preparing compensation and benefits packages for employees, setting up company policies, maintaining end-to-end employee records, and streamlining human resource procedures to ensure a healthy work environment. 

I specialize in human resource policy creation, implementation, and monitoring. For example, my initiative of introducing alternative methods of outreaching prospective candidates has reduced the $36000/annual HR overhead cost. 

ABC Company’s HR structure, work ethics, and culture fascinate me as an HR professional. I have been following and learning about HR innovation from your activities, postings, articles, and community on LinkedIn. And as an HR specialist with a passion for developing HR communities, I can add more value to ABC Company’s HR structure.    

I would be happy to further discuss my skills with you and how I would be a valuable asset to your team. 

Please feel free to contact me at [contact information]. Thank you in advance for considering my application.

Kind Regards,

[Your Name]

Example #2

Dear [Hiring Manager],

As an experienced and ambitious HR specialist with 3+ years of experience in forecasting, implementing and monitoring HR strategies, I am certain that my expertise, dedication, and enthusiasm as an HR Specialist will be a valuable asset to ABC Company.

In my current role, I am responsible for preparing compensation and benefits packages for employees, setting up company policies, maintaining end-to-end employee records, planning annual and quarterly performance review sessions, and streamlining human resource procedures to ensure a healthy work environment.

I excel at managing human resource operations and requirements under pressure. For example, I onboarded and trained 5 offshore teams in a 2-month period.  

I admire your employee motivation programs. Your recent program of awarding “Pride of Performance” to the best HR personnel in your team is an inspiration for me. I look forward to adding my experience and skills with employee incentive programs and taking ABC Company’s human resources to the next level. 

You can contact me at [contact number]. I am attaching my resume to this letter with more information about my qualification and experience. Thank you.


[Your Name]

HR Specialist Cover Letter Template

[Full Name]

[Contact Number]


[LinkedIn, Website URL]

[Address, Date]

[Hiring Person Name]

[Hiring Person Job Title]

[Company Name]

[Company Address]

Dear [Hiring Manager Name],

I am excited to join [company] as a . I have expertise in [list of relevant expertise] and [list of skills]. I am happy to share that I can add value to the HR specialist position.

As the [current/past job] at [current/previous company], I am responsible for [list main roles/ responsibilities]. During my career as a [current/previous job title], I [showcase major accomplishments as an HR specialist].

Your [talk about any of the company’s recent projects] articles/speech/structure/initiative is inspiring. I look forward to joining the position because [state why you want to join the company]

I wish to contribute my expertise and experience in [list relevant expertise to the position].

I’m attaching my resume with more details about my qualifications, certifications, and experience. 

Please feel free to contact me at [contact information]. Thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you. 




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