Exit Interview Template Examples

Exit interview offers an excellent opportunity for the departing employees to communicate their thoughts and feeling about the company to the management. This information can help managers improve the organization’s culture and practices, leading to greater success down the road.

If you want to learn what to ask in an exit interview, you should read this blog post. In this article, I’ll share a complete exit interview template that can help you get honest feedback from your departing employees.

What is an Exit Interview?

An exit interview is a discussion between an organization and an exiting employee. Contrary to job interviews, exit interviews deal with the negative aspects of employee separation. The aim of conducting an exit interview is to obtain constructive feedback from the outgoing employees with the hope of improving the workplace. If you’re interested in learning more via video, then watch below. Otherwise, skip ahead.

People provide an honest feedback when they have decided to leave the company because there is no fear of retribution. It allows your employee to voice any complaints or offer suggestions for improvement. By conducting exit interviews, you can learn about the real concerns of employees. You can get valuable information that can help you better manage all your business processes. Exit interviews also enable you to generate a proactive response to prevent employees’ departure in the future.

Exit Interview Form Template

The exit interview form is a document given to an employee who is leaving your company or organization. This form helps a company learn why the employee is leaving and what they like or dislike. It can also help your company improve employee retention.

An exit interview form aims to help a company understand what employees think about it. It can help you track what is working and what is required for progress. With this form, you can track your organization’s progress and see where you need to make changes. You can get feedback about the tools and technology your company is using and analyze whether they are meeting your needs or not.

Employee exit survey

An exit interview form can help you understand your company’s working environment. Your company can learn about the behavior of managers or supervisors with employees at work. It can also help you comprehend how well your employees are interacting within your company.

Best Exit Interview Questions 2024

If you are going to create an exit interview template, you must know what to ask your departing employee. Following are a few exit interview questions that you should ask while conducting an exit interview or creating an exit interview form template:

1. Why are You Leaving Our Company?

Learning about why an employee is leaving their company is vital for the company’s future. It enables leaders to take steps that would prevent further departures of staff members and shape their business operations. Try to become polite and humble while asking this question. You can ask this question formally or informally, depending on the situation.

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2. What Made You Accept a New Job in Other Company?

This question will help you to compare your organization with other ones. It allows you to see where you are lagging. The answers to this question can tell you which factors make your competitors better than you.

It also enables you to understand the downsides of your company that the employee might have witnessed. You can learn whether it’s your company’s compensation package, culture, or other policies that are causing employees to leave.

3. Were You Well-Equipped to Do Your Job in Our Organization?

Advanced tools and equipment are necessary to accomplish any job. If employees are well-equipped, they become more satisfied with their work. However, lack of necessary equipment not just slows down the working process but also leads to frustration in employees. Without proper tools, employees have to spend more time and energy on their projects, resulting in delays.

Asking this question in the exit interview will help you assess whether your employees are well-equipped for their job. If your employees are not well-equipped, then it’s a sign that you need improvement in this area.

4. What Do You Think About Our Company’s Culture?

A company’s employee culture and working environment influence the employees. A healthy culture can boost the productivity of an organization. It is crucial to create a positive organizational culture by appreciating their work and rewarding them.

Keeping the record of all the exit interviews of outgoing employees can help you pick out the right opinion. Some employees are too emotional that they exaggerate or negatively present the facts. The record of all the exit interviews will enable you to identify legitimate concerns.

5. What Did You Like in Your Job in Our Company?

It is a great way to discover the positive aspects of your firm. Your outgoing employees can provide honest feedback regarding this question. By understanding the positive aspects of your company, you can work on them and upgrade them.

6. Was There Anything You Dislike About Your Job in Our Company?

You can learn about the negative aspects of your corporation with this question. Recognizing the downsides of the company enables you to rectify them. This way, you can make your company a better place to work for your employees.

7. Is There Anything We Could Do to Keep You from Leaving?

It is a straightforward question that can help you dig into the real reason behind the resignation. The answer to this question is critical as it allows you to identify the real cause of the departure of employees. By identifying the real cause, you can uproot it by taking appropriate measures before it becomes a bigger issue.

8. Do You Think that You Received Adequate Training?

Training is a key factor that assists an organization flourish. It helps employees learn about the company objectives, requirements, and how they can contribute to the organization’s progress. A good training program can improve the productivity of employees.

A person that has spent some time within your enterprise knows about the strengths and weaknesses of your organization’s training program. This question can help you receive constructive feedback. You can utilize it to improve the training program for the future.

9. What are Your Views about the Communication Within our Company?

Communication is a vital part of any organization. The communication should be so strong and effective so that employees can understand and follow company vision and personal objectives as well. If there is a lack of communication among departments or different branches of your corporation, it can have a negative impact on your staff.

Lack of communication leads to confusion and misunderstandings that can cease your company’s progress. If your outgoing employees think that your organization lacks proper communication, you must work on it.

10. Did You Feel The Company Appreciated Your Efforts?

Appreciation and recognition are essential aspects of any business. Acknowledging your employee’s hard work, dedication, and effort can help them work even harder in the future. It is a motivating factor that encourages your employees.

You can ask your employee if they feel that the management and co-workers appreciated their efforts. By asking this question in the exit interview form, you can realize if your management is doing enough to appreciate your employees’ hard work or not.

11. Were You Provided a Clear Understanding of Objectives?

Proper understanding of the goals and objectives of a corporation can orient its employees in the right direction. It helps set a clear path for the employees and assists them in getting their desired results.

Stay interview vs. exit interview

If the answer of your employee is no, then it is quite possible that they are not working in the right direction. It is possible that they are just wasting their time and energy for nothing. In such a situation, you should analyze where things went wrong and find the solution to fix them. However, if the answers of most of the employees are yes, then you should continue following the same process.

12. What are Your Views About Our Management?

It is an important question that you must include in your exit interview template. This question indicates what the employees think about you and your management style. It also gives you a clue of the interaction between managers and employees.

Your departing employees can tell you best how they feel about your company’s management. You can also learn about the management style you should adopt to maximize productivity from your employees.

13. Do You Have Any Suggestions for Our Company?

An employee that is leaving your company may have some constructive criticism that he or she would like to share. You can use the answer to this question to eliminate any existing flaws in your management and update your company’s operations.


Above are given exit interview questions that you can include in your exit interview templates. You can also use these questions when you conduct exit interviews to share concerns with employees.

Exit interviews are the best internal source through which you can collect the most honest and truest information via opinions of employees who are exiting. These opinions communicated in exit interviews allow you to know where the organization lacks, and where you can make improvements to enhance the workplace environment and employee productivity.


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