HR Specialist Job Description Examples

Looking for an HR specialist job description? We’ve got you covered with some detailed human resources specialists’ job descriptions.

An HR specialist is responsible to help and assist the HR professionals in the employee recruitment processes to hunt for the right and experienced employees for the organization’s needs. They assist the HR teams to recruit experienced and skillful talent and onboard employees. Apart from onboarding employees and recruiting them, they also screen the job applications, schedule and conduct interviews, and perform background checks to ensure their work history complies with company requirements and standards or not. Furthermore, they also conduct employee orientations to familiarize them with the company’s work ethics and standards. 

This article provides detailed job descriptions for a human resources specialist job role. You can look at those job descriptions as an inspiration to know more about the role, or you may also use these job descriptions for your organization’s use after mandatory edits and changes. 

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Example HR Specialist Job Descriptions

A job description is a brief detail that an organization posts publicly to target potential candidates for their company’s needs. 

Here we provide some example human resources specialist job descriptions that you may use for your needs, and inspiration to familiarize yourself with their day-to-day job duties and responsibilities. 

HR Specialist Job Description – Example #1

Job Brief

A human resources specialist is responsible to assist and help the HR professionals in collecting. receiving and screening the job applications from potential candidates. Their job description majorly entails the practical recruitment process which means they work to hunt for the right talent that can fulfill the organization’s needs. In addition to that, they are responsible for technically reviewing the resumes and filtering them for the interview process. 

Furthermore, they are assigned to perform background and history checks for the candidates so they assure and verify whether a potential candidate’s previous work history is authentic and whether it aligns with the required needs or not. Moreover, they also conduct employee orientations and company visits so they are aware of the workplace’s environment and work ethics. Below is provided their job duties and responsibilities in detail.


A human resources specialist is expected to:

  • Review job applications and conduct technical interviews to screen the talent
  • Review and filter applications from potential candidates
  • Recruit employees
  • Onboard new employees and conducts orientations 
  • Arranges company visits
  • Manage labor relations
  • Work for the betterment of the workspace environment
  • Overview of the employee activities and performance from time-to-time
  • Provide detailed reviews of employee performance
  • Assist senior HR managers in researching and drafting healthy human resources policies
  • Help seniors with the employee increments programs
  • Assist the HR professionals in implementing an employee compensation and benefits administration program
  • Regular update the employee work records
  • Assist and collaborate with HR teams for the effective talent acquisition process

Mandatory Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in human resources, business management, business administration, or other relevant fields
  • N years of proven experience as an entry-level HR recruiter
  • N years of experience as an HR specialist or a junior role
  • Complete familiarity with HR processes and programs

Preferred Qualifications

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Complete know-how of MS office suite
  • Certified human resources specialist with a certificate from an HR certification institute
  • Good organizational skills
  • Skills to multitask efficiently and the ability to work in a fast-paced work environment
  • Ability to work in a challenging workspace
  • Positive attitude towards challenges and excellent problem-solving skills
  • Great attention-to-detail
  • Complete understanding of HR digital tools
  • Sound knowledge of human resources management software
  • Know-how of employee payrolling system
  • Strategical thinking and mindset to contribute effectively to the human resources department
  • Proven experience in the human resource information system field
  • A-Z familiarity with human resources functions and procedures
  • Ability to professionally interact with juniors as well as senior HR professionals
  • Ability to efficiently work in a time-driven environment
  • Good understanding of HR software
  • Complete understanding to regularly update the human resource databases
  • Ability to securely handle employee records

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HR Specialist Job Description – Example #2

HR Specialist Job Brief

An HR specialist is responsible to create and post job applications for different vacant seats throughout the organization. They are responsible to optimize the job description in the best way to attract perfectly skilled and experienced talent. Moreover, HR specialists are responsible to visit job fairs to hunt for the right talent for their organization’s needs. 

After receiving multiple job applications and once the pool of perfectly skilled candidates job applications has been formed, HR specialists then work on sorting and screening the applications to find the most suitable and professionally skilled candidates. After sorting and filtering out the job applications, they invite the filtered selected candidates for the introductory and technical interviews to judge their behavior, skills, and attitude. HR specialists are then assigned to choose the right talent in collaboration with senior HR managers and talent acquisition specialists. After that, they onboard the employees and conduct employee orientations. 

HR specialists are also assigned to contribute valuable insights toward enhancing labor relations and developing a healthier work environment. 


An HR specialist is expected to:

  • Manage employee record documents
  • Update the company’s private database with the employee records associated with recruiting, onboarding, incrementing, or terminating an employee
  • Assist the new employees and explain the work ethics and organization policies to them
  • Help new employees to understand the legal standards and employment laws
  • Recruit and onboard new employees and conduct technical interviews to assess their skills
  • Ensure that the right and suitable candidates are selected for the seat
  • Ensure that the all the employee record and paperwork is timely processed
  • Inform the recruited employees about their job responsibilities, work rules, benefits, and promotion opportunities
  • Adress the employee workspace relevant issues
  • Ensure a safe and healthy work environment
  • Oversee the recruitment drive and hiring campaigns
  • Perform reference checks and verify that the experience aligns with company needs

Mandatory Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree in human resource management or business administration with a specialization in human resource
  • Proven N years of experience as an entry-level HR specialist
  • Complete familiarity with HR processes like recruitment campaigns, payroll system

Preferred Qualifications

  • Master’s degree in human resource management
  • Certified HR specialist
  • Proven experience as an HR specialist
  • Sound understanding of recruitment drives
  • Skills to properly follow the company’s recruitment strategy
  • Ability to positively contribute to the human resource development
  • Sound understanding of employee training sessions
  • Excellent verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  • Complete understanding of legal employment laws
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Good leadership and mentorship skills
  • Good organization and collaboration skills
  • Sound understanding of how a human resource department works

HR Specialist Job Description – Example #3

HR Specialist Job Brief

An HR specialist is a technical person responsible for a technical overview of the human resource programs like employee recruitment drives, payrolling structure, and benefitting programs. An HR specialist is a skillful employee who follows the best strategies to screen job applications from experienced candidates for the organization’s needs. 

Moreover, an HR specialist should have a complete understanding of the functional side of the HR department, that is, complete familiarity with the talent acquisition system, employee relations, onboarding tactics, HR administration, employee record management, updating of databases, and much more. As clear from the name, an HR specialist should be a specialist in all human resource’s technical cores that keep an organization up and running. 

The human resources specialists recruit job applicants with excellent interpersonal skills and technical knowledge for the role. Most human resources specialists work in the hiring process of qualified job candidates.


An HR specialist in an organization is expected to:

  • Support and assist the centralized human resources recruitment team in the local employee recruitment and outreach programs
  • Assist the HR professionals to reach the annual recruitment target in a cost-effective yet most productive way
  • Help the HR administrators with the employee record management and training programs
  • Resolve employee issues and assist in making a more friendly and healthy work environment
  • Provide facility management for the employee concerns
  • Report the technical issues to the human resource managers and directors
  • Ensure the employee data is securely recorded in the organization’s databases
  • Provide guidance and instruction to new employees about the company’s policies and rules
  • Arrange and attends the HR meetings to keep up with what’s going on in an HR department
  • Interview skilled candidates to testify their knowledge and skills
  • Perform background and history checks to ensure the legal compliance
  • Research and develop techniques to test and select the potential candidates
  • Conduct performance reviews and prepare monthly and annual reports with the detailed labor statistics

Mandatory Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in human resource management, business management, business administration, or other relevant fields
  • N years of experience as an entry-level HR professional
  • N years of experience as an HR specialist
  • Sound understanding of human resource processes

Preferred Qualifications

  • N years of experience as an HR administrator
  • Certified HR specialist
  • Good verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  • Excellent management and organizational skills
  • Familiarity with human resource tools and software
  • Excellent analyzation skills
  • Complete understanding of federal and state employment laws
  • The strategical mindset to contribute to the development of the HR department
  • Understanding how the HR department works and how you can contribute significantly toward the HR development

Above we have provided three different job descriptions for an HR specialists role. You can take these example descriptions to know more about the job role, or even use these descriptions for your organization’s needs after mandatory edits.



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