8 Best Discrimination Training Programs

The last place any person wants to experience any form of discrimination will have to be the workplace – especially if it’s somewhere that a large percentage of the time, efforts, and skill-set is dedicated to. From sexual harassment and health discrimination/ to gender-based discrimination and inappropriate generalization, there’s a long list of ways employees can get harassed and discriminated against at the workplace, regardless if they are HR assistants or HR managers. Everyone can be affected by this. 

However, a workplace may be made safe, healthy, and conducive to work for everyone, irrespective of personal choices, affiliations, or associations. There’s been a gradual move towards building a more inclusive work environment where employees are protected against any form of bullying, harassment, exclusion, denigration, and every form of discrimination. This is an issue that requires the joint attention of employers and employees at the workplace.

Thankfully, this isn’t something workers and employers have to learn all by themselves. Today, we have so many programs and training procedures that can simplify the anti-discrimination learning process for workplaces. Many compliance and human resources companies provide discrimination training programs specifically for those in the work environment.

Top 8 Discrimination Training Program

For the reasons above, we’ve put together a list of the top 8 discrimination training program that offer top-notch services that not only improve the workplace but meet the requirement of the Department of Labor and the different state regulators operant in the U.S. They are:

1. HRDirect – Beyond Race and Religion

HR Direct Discrimination Training

Duration: 60 minutes

Price: $95 to $115

The Beyond Race and Religion training program is compiled by the popular human resource compliance company, HRdirect, a member of ComplyRight, a consulting firm that’s existed since 1984. The company provides different categories of employer compliance training, ranging from safety and workplace training to labor law and bookkeeping.

The company also has several discrimination training programs, but the Beyond Race and Religion program is top on our list. First, your employees have the choice of choosing between a quick online class and a more encompassing DVD training course, all between the ranges of $95 to $115. Besides, it’s a great choice because it gives trainees 50-state compliant training that meets various requirements. They are given out at very flexible price points.

The Beyond Race and Religion course isn’t restricted to one mode of learning. Employers can select the training topics and format the course best for their employees. The training meets all federal and state requirements.

Since discriminatory training programs are sensitive, the HRdirect offers training materials and includes compliance-related products such as posters and flashcards in every trainee’s package. The training is interactive, available in English and Spanish, and accessible for at least one year after purchase.

2. HRTrainingCenter – Anti-Harassment Training

HR Training Center Discrimination Training

Duration: 1 hour

Price: $120 to $400 per employee

The training center is the name of the 1994 company that provided various manager and employee-centered training for a large range of programs. HRTrainingCenter is that arm of the company that specializes in programs ranging from HR, labor law and sales, to accounting, payroll, and insurance. 

However, it offers one of the best discrimination training programs in its Anti-harassment training. Although HR specialists and other managers mostly take it, it extends to other members of the company.

The Anti-Harassment training covers topics such as defining bullying, preventing harassment and bullying in the workplace, whether and how to investigate claims of harassment, and how to report the findings of an investigation.

The training program is in two sections. The first is the online webinar and seminars that every trainee has access to. The other is the individual courses (also available online) specially designed for each trainee to focus narrowly on the individual topics—all of these for $120 to $400 per employee.

HRTrainingCenter’s program is a top choice because of the flexibility and customization that it affords all trainees. There’s a lineup of distinct courses and program packages that cover several subjects, such that employers can get training on a blend of harassment-related topics in different layouts.

TrainingABC – Anti-Harassment Training

TrainingABC Discrimination Training

Duration: 15 minutes per employee

Price: $345 – $499

TrainingABC is one of those companies that provide a wide range of training programs that aren’t restricted to businesses or business owners alone. Based in Gahanna, Ohio, the company provides some of the best business training programs ranging from workplace violence to cybersecurity.

The ones we are particular about are those on the harassment-prevention training programs, and the TrainingABC Company provides them in different formats. First, there are two versions of the training. The one that’s done online and the more self-designed one is on DVD. The online version has a range of prices dependent on the program and the number of employees. Every online training, however, requires a minimum of 20 licenses. They consist of interactive and optional quiz sessions and provide all supporting materials needed, like flashcards and other activity materials.

Also, the DVD training option is available for your employees if they need to train at different times and in different spaces. You can also go for the USB flash drive or a one-year enterprise license that costs at least $499.

3. J.J KELLER – The Essentials of Employment Law Manual

JJ Keller Discrimination Training

Duration: Customizable

Price: $289

While most of the already mentioned training programs are about the practicality of discrimination, J.J Keller’s program covers a wider reach. It goes as far as giving a dive into anti-harassment laws and ADA and COBRA.

The J.J Keller name is a household name, especially amongst business owners who require multiple types of training, irrespective of the industry. This compliance consulting firm has been providing services since 1953 from its Wisconsin quarters.

Its anti-harassment training program isn’t the easiest program to undergo, but it makes it to our list because of how encompassing it is. It also provides a comprehensive training kit for its trainees, so much so that it includes the important employment laws. Good knowledge of employment law creates an advantage for every small, medium, and large-scale business.

This training goes for $289 and includes a one-year subscription with access to course materials with a bi-yearly update. It also allows employers to consult with them on drafting and implementing individual compliance policies that may suit their company’s needs. There are compliance-related materials available, even though they aren’t free and don’t automatically come with the package.

4. EasyLlama – Harassment Training

Easyllama Discrimination Training

Duration: 30 to 60 minutes

Price: Starts at $9.95

EasyLlama is one of the new companies when it comes to business training and is founded in 2019. EasyLlama is top on our list because it offers harassment training exclusively and gives a good level of flexibility to its trainees. Again, EasyLlama put its major focus on technology and how it can play a big role in building a compliance-driven training product that’s flexible for employers and easy to use.

Another specific feature of the EasyLlama Harassment training is that it’s uniquely designed to provide its training via mobile devices. You get your entire training broken down into sessions on your mobile phone, ranging from 5 to 10 minutes, but it is still accessible whenever you need to. With this, every trainee has a good level of flexibility as they take the program. 

In fact, it makes it easier to assign the anti-harassment training to new employees when it’s been segmented and put for them to work based on their preferences and choices, rather than have a rigid frame to work with. EsyLlama’s training is also 100% compliant with state and federal regulations and offers employers easy access to tracking and reporting.

5. UNB Autism Intervention Training Program

UNB Discrimination Training

Duration: 18 weeks

Price: $149

The UNB Autism Intervention Training Program is an online course that provides you with a certificate. The training focuses on the developmental skills and techniques for autistic person intervention. It starts with teaching strategies to help a child develop social, communication, language, cognitive, or academic skills.

You will learn about interventions including Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Discrete Trial Teaching (DTT) approach, etc. 

This program covers topics like accommodations at home, school, or workplace, communicating your needs effectively, understanding sensory sensitivities, and many other things related to Autism Spectrum Disorder.

The online program has an 18-week content material with 120 hours of theory lectures. You will need to attend Zoom sessions for 12 days, where autism experts will work closely with you. The online program is suitable for social workers, healthcare providers, teaching professionals, occupational therapists, management workers, and other mental healthcare professionals who work with young children.

The course is divided into four sections: Knowledge of Autism (ABA), Evidence-Based Practices, Functional Skills (ADL+), and Understanding Behaviors. Apart from the theory section, it also has a core practical section, and one of the things taught is the issue of deceptive labels. You can avail of this course in both English and French.

6. Compliance Training Group – Nationwide Sexual Harassment Awareness for Employees & Nationwide Sexual Harassment Awareness for Supervisors

Compliance Training Group Discrimination Training

Duration: 120 minutes

Price: $20 & $40 respectively, per employee

The Compliance Training Group, a major division of Employers Choice, offers training programs on topics including diversity, sensitivity, conflict resolution, and ethics in the workplace. However, when it comes to anti-harassment courses, the Compliance Training Group has two divisions. First, there’s an anti-harassment specifically designed for employees, and another focused on supervisor needs. While they have different costs per head, they are both covered under federal laws. Also, the curriculum is divided into three major steps, the definition of harassment, the employer duties related to harassment, and who is liable for harassment.

These training programs provide guidance on harassment in the workplace can be prevented, how to respond to a complaint of harassment, and what should be included in a company’s sexual harassment policy.

7. SexualHarassmentTraining.com

Sexual Harassment Training Discrimination Training


Duration: 1 to 2 hours

Price: $30 per person

Currently one of the few courses that give an exam, after the training, SexualHarassmentTraining.com provides training related to sexual harassment in the workplace. Although based in Austin, Texas, it complies with the state laws in all 50 states and can be done by individuals or organizations as a whole.

The SexualHarassmentTraining.com training is also one of those few programs with different teaching procedures. It allows users the opportunity to learn, irrespective of their pace. Trainees can take the exam as many times as they need to pass. They can also access training content 24/7 with a 30-day money-back guarantee after follow-up. The training program can be done in either English or Spanish.

However, the SexualHarassmentTraining.com course is limited to only sexual harassment training and not other types of workplace discrimination. It comes with a certification that can always be attached to profiles such as LinkedIn.

Discrimination Training FAQs

Here are some of the most common questions about discrimination training programs.

What is Discrimination Training?

Discrimination training courses are those training that employers provide for their employees to help them bridge the gap between pre-existing biases against a particular gender, race, sexuality, or any marginalized group of people or help encourage differential reinforcement in the workplace. Training programs are fast becoming a common thing in workplaces. Still, this particular training stands out to be one of the most important ones that can be done with a high possibility of bringing positive changes to the workplace and individual lives.

Proper discrimination training help to build an inclusive work environment for everyone –employers, employees, partners, and customers alike – and gives a particular response to the incessant issue of workplace discrimination.

What Does Discrimination Training Typically Include? 

Top-rated discriminatory training programs are interested in making trainees understand what they’re there for first, before going into the main course module. It’s not surprising that they begin by defining what discrimination is and what’s not. 

Discrimination programs also touch on the various categories of discrimination, the different discriminative stimuli, federal and state laws, company values, and policies that apply to discrimination in the workplace. From here, trainees can detect what laws or policies are broken and who is liable for their acts. 

They also try to make it as relatable as possible, so they use real-world examples and scenarios during the training. The bottom line is to show employers what part they can play and give trainees a better opportunity to draw the lines between discrimination and whatnot at the workplace and inculcate receptive languages and verbal behaviors at the workplace.

What the diversity training programs will typically exclude is helping employees address their individual concerns in the workplace. They also cannot replace therapy or counseling sessions.  


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