Culture Summit Review: Is it Worth Attending?

With so many conferences and summits being held in the US every year, it can be hard to decide which of them are worth attending. Events like the Culture Summit are known for how much they care about attendee feedback, which they use to improve the summit year after year.

As soon as the event ends, they send surveys to all of the attendees. This feedback is used to assess the current speakers and sessions and what can be done in the future to make the conference even better.

The idea is to not only provide insights into the content industry and the human resources career path, but also give attendees an opportunity to network with industry leaders, build relationships, and discuss new ideas with peers.

Culture Summit 2024 (San Francisco)

The Culture Summit of 2024 will be the sixth of its kind since it was founded by Hung Pham in 2014.

This year’s Culture Summit will be held on the 4th and 5th of November in San Francisco, California along with the most impressive line of speakers to date.

About Culture Summit

The Culture Summit is a cross-industry conference that is known to bring everyone together – from vice presidents to culture champions, program managers, thought leaders, culture officers, HR managers, and other professionals.

These experts from around the world share insights, their culture, and their employee experiences.

The speakers belong to some of the most well-known companies in the industry, are associated with organizations like the SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management), are authors of bestselling books, and tend to be certified in their fields. For example, some of the HR folks are Professionals in Human Resources (PHR)—a well-known certification in the HR world.

The speakers provide real data, working strategies, and complete frameworks to help you build and improve your organizational culture. Rather than talking about perks, you learn about strategic programs and initiatives you can take to drive positive results.

While most culture conferences are about developing new ideas to create high-performing cultures in companies, the Culture Summit dives deep into the world of content and strategy, as well.

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Human Resources Certifications

Culture Summit 2024 Speakers

With an impressive line of speakers this year, the Culture Summit is introducing several heads of companies, VP’s, and well-known figures in the industry.

Here are some of the major speakers you might have heard about:

  • Bruce Daisley – Vice President at and the Sunday Times #1 Bestselling Author of ‘The Joy of Work’
  • Shannon Ellis – Director of at Patagonia
  • Claude Silver – Chief Heart Officer at Vaynermedia
  • Jully Kim – Director of Engineering Programs at Zendesk
  • Ellen Leanse – Chief People Officer at Lucidworks and the author of ‘The Happiness Hack’

Some more speakers were added recently which include the following.

  • Dave Landa – CEO at Kintone
  • Michelle Kim – CEO at Awaken
  • Nadia Gathers – Program Manager, Global Communications at Slack, and Adjunct Lecturer at Stanford School
  • Maren Kate – Founder at INDE.co

There will be more speakers added to the list as the conference date draws closer. If you feel like you’re capable of speaking at the event, you can also apply to become a speaker here.

The Culture Summit has been known to have an extremely diversified speaker lineup from a lot of industries. The idea is to provide insights to attendees from all industries regarding culture, content, and strategy.

What You Can Expect in 2024’s Culture Summit

While you will be hearing and learning from some of the most experienced individuals in the industry, it’s important to know what you can expect this year.

This year’s theme for the summit is Human-Centered Leadership. The idea is to discuss how companies can improve leadership by being more ‘human,’ and see a boost in employee engagement, morale, and productivity as a whole.

With respect to the theme, you can expect the following throughout the conference:

Actionable Content

The Culture Summit is the culmination of culture champions from around the world including speakers from some of the fastest-growing companies, which means that the content distributed at the Summit is unmatched.

Each speaker session is designed to provide insightful and useful information and materials that you can utilize to improve your operations.

With culture-building strategies from tons of industries, there’s a good chance you’ll find the perfect strategy for your business or company.

Interactive Community Sessions

While there will be keynote speaker sessions, the conference generally has an unorthodox approach to how different activities are carried out. For example, there are several dedicated sessions where you can connect and interact with culture champions.

The conference will set you up for facilitated group-sharing sessions and structure networking opportunities where you, other attendees, and culture champions can share best practices, ideas, and issues.

The idea is to not only have the attendees learn from the champions, but also the other way round. A collective audience of culture-oriented people is bound to bring up new and better culture-building initiatives.

Summit Workshops

You can purchase a three-day ticket to attend the Culture Summit workshop on July 14th. You can choose two out of four workshops and attend them.

The workshops will be an opportunity to connect and interact with a hands-on session with culture-building experts. You are bound to learn about different tactics and actionable strategies.

With the two-hour workshops, you’ll gain actionable insights from experts in the field. You’ll receive tools you can then use to execute your own strategy. You will also have networked with groups of peers who may have had similar issues and challenges.

However, keep in mind that each workshop can only have 60 attendees and a guaranteed seat is only possible if you apply and register early.

Culture Summit 2024 Sponsors

The Culture Summit is a sponsor-heavy conference with many high-level sponsors over the years. This year, the two top sponsors include Lattice and 15Five. They’re followed by the Platinum sponsors, Joonko and Kintone.

The Gold sponsors are Poppin, Bevi, and Q (Managed by Q). If you’re interested in sponsoring the event, you can apply to do so here.

How Can I Register for Culture Summit 2024?

You can register for the conference here. You’ll find there are four different option:

  1. 3-Day Workshop and Conference Pass (Early Bird) – You get an early-bird discount, access to the workshops and to the conference for $1,099.
  2. 2-Day Conference Pass (Early Bird) – The early-bird conference pass gives you early-bird perks for $899.
  3. Group Discount Workshop and Conference Pass – Getting 5 or more tickets will get you a discount with a ticket price of $1,049.
  4. Group Discount Conference Pass – Getting 5 or more tickets will cost you $849 per ticket.

Again, keep in mind that the workshops have limited seats.

Should I Attend Culture Summit 2024?

The Culture Summit is not one-of-a-kind but it certainly is one of the better conferences you can attend. The price tag is a little high, but it’s a small price to pay for the insights you’ll gain and the network you’ll build.

Furthermore, you can add your attendance on your LinkedIn, providing a small boost to your profile. Meanwhile, you might learn some out-of-this-world culture-building strategies that might change the way your company or business works.


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